I am the happiest when I travel.

Beijing April 2010

Singapore October 2010 / July and September 2012

Macau January 2011

New York February 2011 

Seoul March 2011 / April 2010

Kuala Lumpur May 2011 / November 2011

Fukuoka December 2011 / December 2012 

Nagasaki December 2011

Ho Chi Minh March 2012

Siem Reap March 2012

United Kingdom April 2012

Paris April 2012

Melbourne September 2012

Hong Kong October 2012 

Indonesia November 2012

Hiroshima and Miyajima December 2012

Osaka April 2013

Kyoto April 2013

Nara April 2013

Tokyo May and October 2013

Hong Kong September 2013

Chicago October 2013

New York October 2013

Boston November 2013

Los Angeles November 2013

Taipei January 2014


My Own Fashion Week is a personal blog “event” that follows every travel diary. It usually includes 7 straight days of fashion features from brands found in a particular country. 

Japan 2012 

Indonesia 2012

Hong Kong 2012

Singapore 2012

Australia 2012


Something I can never get over.

Preview September 2012 Issue


Produced by them, designed by me. 

Koi Swimwear “Lolita”

Koi Swimwear “Slumberdoll”

Catherine Jannelle batik collab / 23

Tricia G. for ROMWE


My passion, my first love. The core of this blog is my photography, and here is a list of all my favorite photo shoots which showcase my craft.

Candy: Kawaii Girl

Candy: She’s Got Game

Candy: Trending Topic

Candy: Young Love

Young Star June 2011

2bu October 2010

Wedding Essentials: Transformation Gowns

UNO November 2010 Cover


Patricia: Bad Girl Good Girl / A Transformation

Lissa: Bright Eyes

Skin Changer

Tricia x Cheesie

Marié Digby


Krissy and Ericka / 2 

James and Ericka’s Valentine’s

Pinkaholic: 1 / 2

Apartment 8: 1 / 2 / 3