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Online Shopping with Metrobank Prepaid Card

Posted on Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tricia Gosingtian

(Yesstyle dress, Urban Outfitters headband, Emilio Cavallini socks, EMODA shoes) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

While shopping online is insanely convenient, there are still some people who are extra cautious when it comes to typing out their credit card information on the Internet. There are also a lot of high school and college kids who aren’t allowed by their parents to own credit cards until they’re older, so online shopping won’t be possible until then.

My first credit card back in college was only an extension of my parents’, and I never wanted to use it because 1) I always felt guilty since I wasn’t using my own money 2) My purchases will be reflected on their billing statements so I always had to use it wisely and not excessively. Even if I had enough cash to buy a product online, I would always have to ask permission to use their cards and card information for purchases. (Although I admit it was good training on my parents’ part because I learned to be responsible for my expenses.)

Tricia Gosingtian Metrobank

Now that I’m older, with my own bank account and credit card for personal use, the possibilities of online shopping are suddenly endless. It’s both good and bad that I now shop online more often than I do actual shopping in malls.

Listing the perks of online shopping will probably take me forever, but what I love most about it is that I can buy products that can’t be found here in the Philippines! On the other hand, the thing I hate about it most is that it’s so easy to buy things. It will really force you to practice self-discipline when it comes to spending. More often than not, I lose to self-discipline. 

This is why prepaid cards are needed to monitor expenses! The Metrobank prepaid card has all the advantages of a debit card and the perks of a credit card,  but with safer features. It is not connected to a bank account, so you won’t have to worry about anyone accessing your information through hacking, etc.


I got my own card a few weeks ago, and I’m so happy as it was so easy to use! No maintaining balance and initial deposit required. I just had to visit a Metrobank branch, fill out the prepaid card application form, present a valid ID, and pay P100 for the card. 


I tested it out on Yesstyle because they always ship straight to my doorstep (no need for customs / post office shenanigans) and they sell a lot of items that aren’t available in the country. Crissey got her own card and used it on Yesstyle too!

Recently, Korean fashion and beauty have been growing on me, and Yesstyle offers a lot of Korean brands that fit the particular look that I like. 

Metrobank Prepaid Card

There’s going to be a huge retro style and gingham print boom in the next couple of months, so I bought this dress in preparation. The fact that it also resembles my high school uniform also made me want to buy it asap!

Metrobank Prepaid Card

Yesstyle also sells 3CE / 3 CONCEPT EYES which is quite hard to find in the Philippines. And legitimate GEO contact lenses for those who are afraid of buying contact lenses from random Facebook stores.

I used 3CE Gimme More jumbo lip crayon and GEO 3 tone brown for this look! My nail polish is also 3CE! 


A little OT, but I missed wearing socks in my OOTDs! Thanks Emilio Cavallini for rekindling my love for socks with this pair that you sent straight from Italy!


Time to live without regrets with the Metrobank prepaid card. Here’s your worry-free access to that lifestyle upgrade you’ve always wanted! Other than access to online shopping, the prepaid card can also be used for normal dining and shopping transactions. Some partner establishments that give you extra perks when you use your Metrobank prepaid card include Chelsea, Cole Haan, Hyve, Kabila, M Cafe, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Momo, Mr Jones, Perry Ellis, Rocketroom, Sip & Gogh, Skye, Stella, Terraz and Vyne (with many more to come).

Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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CANMAKE is now in Manila

Posted on Saturday, 1 March 2014

I can’t remember the last time I had zero CANMAKE in my make-up kit. For years, I’ve been hoarding CANMAKE in other countries, and now I’m so happy that they’ve finally arrived in Manila. 

They had a press event last February 13th at Makati Shangri-la, and a store launch/party at their new space in Somera Boutique, Glorietta 2. 


Darenogare Akemi is CANMAKE’s current model! I adored CANMAKE’s old Fuji Lena advertisements, but I think the new model fits the whole “kawaii” look too.

I thought she was just a generic model until I saw her in VS Arashi! 


New CANMAKE lashes! Light, feathery lashes are the current trend in Japan, compared to the bold ones that were in fashion 5 years ago.

So many changes happening with gyaru make-up now! I know it’s quite controversial, especially for those who’ve been living the lifestyle for a decade now, but I personally think it’s exciting that the gyaru aesthetic is evolving. Who knows what it’s going to look like in the next 5-10 years?


Of course, the Candy magazine girls were present at the event. Erin, Stephie, Macy, Marla and I shared a table together.


Stephie’s cute phone accessory! Now that I switched to a 5s where the earphone jack was moved to the bottom, I can’t use mine anymore. ;_;


The event started with a quick guide to a Japanese girl’s kawaii-style make-up. This has been my peg ever since! It’s nice to see them push this style compared to the more popular Western-style bold brows + bold lips style.

CANMAKE Chief Make-up Artist Bea Almeda also did a live demonstration of the current S/S14 make-up trends in Japan. One of the points she emphasized was namida bukuro or “tear bag”. Not to be confused with eye bags.

If you follow Korean-style make-up, it’s very similar to the aegyo-sal.


Eri-san, Sachie-san, Bea and Kaori-san! They all wore matchy clothes!

I was able to practice my noob!Nihongo when I met Kaori-san, assistant manager for CANMAKE overseas sales. YAY! Mata aimashou!


I also made an effort to dress in CANMAKE-style and to use all CANMAKE products for the launch.

That morning, I freaked myself out a bit when I realized that my CANMAKE collection is massive enough for me to use on its own without any help of other brands. Even my eyelid primer is CANMAKE!


After the make-up demonstration, we had time to test their new products, and this included trying out the new skincare line!

I’m so excited for this because they have a variant for normal-dry skin (huhu why are there so many products for oily skin in the market), and because it smells so good (in Stephie’s words, “amoy pang-mayaman!”, lol)


With the beautiful beauty bloggers.


Tracy and Chai.


Was welcomed by this wonderful roll platter when we transferred to Glorietta for the store launch. Thanks to Takashi-san from Hanaichi Restaurant! He never fails to make awesome food! 


How can you resist this window display? Totemo kawaii desu yo!


The foundation that I’m currently is on that bowl on the lower left. One of the best ones I’ve ever tried. 


Filipinos can now enjoy their best-selling cream cheek blush! Crissey has almost all colors as it is truly a great product.

All of CANMAKE’s products are very affordable so collecting different colors will not cause a massive hole in your wallet. These cream blushes are only P385 and the powder blushes are only P390. Most of their products cost less than P500/600.

The prices are also not significantly higher than the prices in Japan, so you can’t use “it’s cheaper in other countries” as an excuse not to buy all the cuteness!


My favorite Creamy Touch Rouge. I featured Sweet Cherry in my #TriciaGosingtianStyleBook because it is such a glorious red. I’ve also sported Marshmallow Pink and Misty Orange in a lot of my Instagram selfies.

Speaking of my book, you can now find a digital copy on the new Buqo app on iOS for only $3.99. And I’ll see you guys at my next book signing on March 8th, 2-6PM at SM MoA, yes?


CANMAKE shop staff = the friendliest and prettiest!



Thank you Sachie for bringing Japan’s #1 kawaii make-up brand to the Philippines! I’m so excited because Japanese products are slowly penetrating the beauty scene and I hope the fashion comes next too!

Visit CANMAKE Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news and updates! They are available at the Somera Boutique Glorietta 2, BIG in JAPAN 3/F Rockwell, Digital Traincase Ortigas, and online via BDJ BOX and GlamourboxPH.


Posted on Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Just G

Just G

(Just G dress, Choies heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Here’s a simple outfit inspired by Frozen and the Winter Olympics. Too bad my hair is still too short for Elsa braids, but a side ponytail will do in this case! Just imagine that the transparent part on my shoes is made of ice.

I’ve never tried ice skating before. I never even learned how to ride a bike! As a kid and teenager, I’ve always had a fear of falling down. This hindered me from trying out many things. I’ve always been vocal about hating sports and any sort of physical activity (shopping and traveling not included), but at the end of the day, I think I just never gave them a real chance. I know we all have our first few failed attempts, but I sucked at PE so much that I grew up conditioning myself that anything related to it is not worth my time and effort. All this, when I should’ve put in at least the slightest bit of effort to practice and improve.

The irony comes in when you realize everything, but you’ve already developed a stubborn (and very bad) habit of shutting something out completely every time an initial attempt fails.

For the past year or so, I’ve been learning to laugh at myself more. So far, defrosting the habit has been successful.

(Choies sweater and skirt, Romwe shoes) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Told you I’d get this skirt in all colors! I’ve worn the blue and purple versions before, and I recently got the red and green ones to complete my collection. If it works, don’t let go. I held on to it so strongly, I had to keep myself from wearing these skirts everyday like some sort of uniform.

Way to go, Sailor Moon dreams.