I was invited to be the DOP for 1 out of the 3 Blue Roast videos, since the directors wanted a lot of still shots on a tripod, and believed that my photography background would help them achieve what they wanted. Thanks for believing in me! Shot this with a 5D Mk II + 24-70L. First time doing something film-y, so… yeah. Too late to get film classes in Ateneo now that I’ve just graduated. Anyhow, this is the start of something new~ /sings

Directed and edited by Roel Mendoza and Jerome Rina. Director of Photography: Tricia Gosingtian. Production Manager: Ria Laurente. Production Assistants: Kasey Albano, Paolo Arago, Michael Caparras, Rob Cham, Mariel Flores, Gael Gatbonton. Cast: Paolo Salcedo, Pat Ocampo, Gino Echavez, Mikey Panopio, Monique Querubin.

Plz to be watching it nao! Looking forward to more video projects in the future. Still want to add more to the list of things I can do! Huzzah. I bring you screencaps:

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