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Posted on Monday, 27 May 2013

Apartment 8 Tricia Gosingtian

Apartment 8 Tricia Gosingtian

Apartment 8 Tricia Gosingtian

(Apartment 8 top and shorts, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue heels - they’re giving away a pair of heels here, Chanel bag, EMODA earrings) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Apartment 8’s Blair is back, and she got first dibs on new items that haven’t been released yet! So happy!

I can sense this halter top being another one of their best sellers, especially now that this silhouette is all over stores right now. One of the most endearing things about halter necklines is how they are able to flatter the narrow shoulders + small bust body type (which I happen to have), a usually tricky body type that tends to be overwhelmed by most shoulder-emphasizing clothes. Halter necklines (for me, at least) give the illusion of a broader upper body (which I totes need) but I like them most for that conservative-but-not-really element that they have. 

Apartment 8 Tricia Gosingtian

Apartment 8 Tricia Gosingtian

(Apartment 8 dress, Sugarfree Shoes heels, INGNI earrings) 

Here’s another lust-worthy dress that’s going to be available in stores soon. The fabric reminds me of melted gold, and the unique print makes sets the dress apart from all the plain ones of the same style. Definitely a versatile piece that you can use in both casual and dressy occasions, depending on the accessories and shoes that you pair it with.

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