(Pardon the tired face - I just took this hurriedly after a long day. Yes, I know I’ve been sporting glum expressions in my photos recently.)

Candy Pink circle lenses. Been wearing this pair for a week now, and so far, they’ve been awesome. Pink lenses are the new fad now when it comes to circle lenses, and I have my sponsor Japanese Candy to thank for sending me free pink lenses to try out and review.

I already reviewed Candy Green ones before, and they’re pretty much the same except for the color. NGL, I like the pink ones better though. I don’t think green is my color at all, now that I think about it. People reacted when I tweeted about getting pink lenses in the mail a few weeks ago, prolly because no one has pink eyes IRL… except for, well, albino bunnies? I’d rather wear these than my green ones nonetheless.

Comfort-wise, they’re definitely not drying. Design-wise, as I said before, I love this series of circle lenses so much that I wouldn’t mind having them in all the available colors. They really give you that dolly effect, especially when paired with eyeliner and falsies.

Unless I point it out to people that they’re actually pink, they just see this pair as brown or some sort of dark lavender shade that isn’t overwhelmingly scary at all.

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