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Forever 21 MasterCard Party

Posted on Friday, 14 October 2011

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

(Everything from Forever 21) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

Outfit inspired by one of my fashion icons, Kato Miliyah. ViVi November 2011 had a few tips for autumn trends and rock styling (which I’m slowly warming up to again).

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

And… the Forever 21 Philippines brand ambassadors are back!

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

David Guison for 21Men, Patricia Prieto for Heritage 1981, Danah and Stacy Gutierrez for Forever 21 Plus, Lissa Kahayon and I for Forever 21. I adore this photo of us for a number of reasons: Firstly, no one has the same hair color. Secondly, this particular Forever 21 bunch is just so perfect I don’t even

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

So glad we finally had a proper reunion after so long. The last time we were all in the same event was last summer for the Forever 21 SM Makati opening. Oh, wait, Bloggers United! (next one will be December 3rd but sadly I have other plans that day so I can’t participate, but the other GGs will be there for sure)

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

Gondo Girls represent - make-up artist Marj Sia and painter/illustrator Valerie Chua. These good friends of mine are no doubt two of the most diligent Forever 21 fans ever - they’re always around whenever there’s a 3-day sale and they always end up getting the best deals!

Speaking of 3-days sales, I think you should stop reading my lulzy blog at this moment and head over to Megamall right now before stocks run out!

1. Get 20% off on regular items (with a minimum spent of P5,000) for the first day until 12nn when you present both Forever21 Mastercard and SM Advantage card/BDO Rewards card.

2. Get 10% off on regular items for SM Advantage card and BDO Rewards card.

3. Get 10% off on regular items (with a minimum spent of P5,000) for the whole weekend with your Forever 21 Mastercard

4. Get 5% rebate with a minimum spent of P5,000 with your BDO credit card (Forever 21 Mastercard included in this promo).

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

With David, Lissa and Patricia. We’ve been together since the beginning of the whole brand ambassadors concept - it’s so fun to see how we’ve all changed for the better or remained our silly old selves since then.

Err… I think I changed the most. /points to crazy blonde hair

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

Forever 21’s resident “love team” David and Lissa. Don’t they look so cute together? We spent most of the night being kilig because of their chemistry! My boyfriend and I dropped these two off at the nearest Starbucks after the party, and we couldn’t help but giggle the whole time.

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

Forever 21’s second “couple” - Photographer-model tandem, The Patricias! I had the opportunity to photograph her for Glitterati last December and I can’t wait to photograph her again because she’s such an inspiring angel to work with.

Coincidentally, we were both wearing green contact lenses that night! Brain twins!

Tricia Gosingtian Forever 21 Brand Ambassador

And of course two of my most favorite bloggers in the whole world, the real twins, Danah and Stacy . They’ve been all over my blog since I first met them and they are just the most darling, most confident girls ever. My personal best-dressed pick goes to Stacy for wearing her black bodycon dress backwards - so innovative!

Forever 21 Philippines MasterCard

And we all got together again because of the BDO Forever 21 MasterCard! Last Wednesday, October 12, Forever 21 and MasterCard officially launched their newest treat at Prive Luxury Club at The Fort. If you want to know more about the features, benefits, etc. of this card, continue reading here.

Before I finish this entry, many thanks to Jane Kingsu-Cheng for bringing us all back together. What a happy night to rembember. <3

Behind the Scenes: Candy December Issue

Posted on Thursday, 25 November 2010

Is in Candy magazine again! The shoot was last September and they invited some of Manila’s influential fashionistas for a feature that will come out later this year. It’s really something to look forward to! Bumped into Lissa Kahayon, Rosanna Aranaz, Camille Co and Boop Yap, among others. Sadly, I was the last one to arrive so I wasn’t able to take photos with them.

Asian poses with Charles Buenconsejo (who was the photographer for Preview’s Creative It List which I was part of 2 years ago, and who is also one of my favorite local photographers) and stylist Margaux Romero. 

With Laureen Uy, who was featured in Star’s 22 under 22 with me last year, and who is also one of the most adorable girls in the world. No one else can pull that outfit off better than she can.

(related post)

Spent the whole of November (my birthday included) in a basic management program at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). The school and my classmates surprised me with some lovely chocolate cake.

Spot Mark!

Chicosci’s What’s Your Poison? MV Behind-the-Scenes

Posted on Sunday, 17 October 2010

Chicosci’s What’s Your Poison? MV is coming very soon. It’s going to be mind-blowing and a lot different from the usual that we see on local television. Heard the first edit was shown at one of their recent gigs.

Yay for my third official music video appearance - the first one being Pedicab’s Ang Pusa Mo and the second being the recent Ely Buendia Wasak Waltz video. Or fourth, if I count the one with Stories of Now.

In the meantime, I bring you teaser photos.

(from my brother’s closet plaid polo with a hood, Mango denim shorts, Doc Martens, Forever 21 cross necklace)


Posted on Wednesday, 8 September 2010


With JMAUPM people and Zack, one of the speakers. (Also… I see you photobombing there.)

Thank you so much to everyone who went to UP Manila earlier for my talk on Contemporary Marketing Strategy (a.k.a. how to market yourself online a.k.a. blogging tips a.k.a. me just blurting out random things). Wasn’t able to blog about the details here unlike my previous talk for UP AdCore, so I didn’t expect so many people to attend and have their photos taken with me. Much love, UPM!


(Topshop cardigan and top, Mimi shorts, Soule Phenomenon boots, m)phosis bag, Forever 21 necklace, Quirkypedia connector ring, Bijoux de Lou rolleiflex ring)

Finally got to visit CSB’s new SDA building for the first time for Ryan's class' photography finals as part of a panel of sorts with Rev, and Ryan himself. Played with the 10-22mm lens on my 350D… because everyone dreams of having insanely long legs minus the hassle of post-processing.

I wish people took photography (and studying, in general) more seriously though, especially if you have the privilege to study somewhere costly and even in such a pretty building with all the equipment you can use. :)

Was at last night’s What’s In Your Bag? exhibit opening (albeit briefly because it was so hot and humid) at Greenbelt 5. Thanks to Rev Naval and Dan Matutina for the quirky photo and the graphic design!

Bumped into so many friends that night, but I had my hands full with my bag, some magazines (thanks Ramon!), an artbook (Thanks Jason!) and shoes (Thanks Jan!) that I wasn’t able to take out my camera and take photos of everyone. Fortunately, my cousin Mark came to the rescue!

With Garovs, Mark, Rev, Ryan and RA. We were all like, “YAY TUMBLR PEOPLE!” And then we reminisced about Tumblarity and quickly concluded how evil it was.

No post is ever complete without Saab. <3

a) with Saab and Garovs b) yet another photo of me and Saab c) with Nyko d) with Jason and Saab

I always bump into Adrianne and his Longchamps, looking fabulous every time. Also, I don’t tell people to do asian poses with me. It just happens.

a) with Ramon and Jason - we spaz over Blade of the Immortal together b) with *the* Rev Naval, who took my photo for the exhibit! We must shoot again soon, yes?

With RA and Jason. Hello Pedicab. Reggie, you were sorely missed!

And then Mark, RA, the two Jasons and I posed as a fake band since all the guys were wearing black shirts and I was the only one in white.

The SDA Project kids. You guys are so cute.

a) with Nico, Team Manila’s marketing manager b) Flash bang! With Daniel the Red Mango photographer who is always everywhere.

a) with Jowee, one of the founders of Team Manila b) with Brendan who always takes photos of me but this is the first time that we have a photo together (yay)

Hello Raymond!

Obligatory wide-angle photo with Jun. We share the same birthday. /random trivia

Check the exhibit out while it’s still up!