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Box Top

Posted on Monday, 27 August 2012

Tricia Gosingtian EMODA Japanese Fashion

(EMODA top and hair band, Zara pants, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue wedges, 37LA book clutch, from Singapore spikes bracelet) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Mentioning EMODA for the nth time because I absolutely love the brand from the bottom of my heart! I got a few goodies from them a few months ago, thanks to Namiko-san from the EMODA Global Webstore. I almost cried when I got a message from her! For some reason, Japan always makes me cry tears of joy - I still vividly remember that moment years ago when I was able to taste my first bento in Tokyo, and it was so good that I just spontaneously shed a tear… in public! 

Anyhow, Namiko-san sent me a printed blazer (the oversized one I keep on wearing on my Instagram), a pearl collar top in my favorite blue color, as well as a casual rose-printed peplum top that was then being sold in the Japanese Webstore

Tricia Gosingtian EMODA Japanese Fashion

I did, however, order some more when I found out they had a 50% off sale recently! This box top was part of my impulsive shopping spree. I almost never do any real online shopping, but… it’s freaking EMODA! *flails*

My first order arrived after 5 days or so, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hoard everything else that I liked before they ran out of stocks. I’m still waiting for my second package to arrive some time this week. The shipping fee isn’t so bad considering that EMS delivers it straight to your doorstep. I know I would’ve saved money if I just ordered it all at the same time, but I wanted to double-check how long it would take for them to process my credit card payment, how long it would take for the package to arrive, etc. When it comes to online shopping, I’d rather be safe than be sorry! And people of the Philippines, you definitely won’t be sorry with EMODA’s Global Webstore! 

Tricia Gosingtian EMODA Japanese Fashion

I am not embarrassed to say that I stalk all of the EMODA staff blogs almost everyday! I have them all bookmarked on my iPhone. Be scared, lol.

When I saw all the colors of this top appearing on everyone’s blogs, I was pretty much set that I had to get my hands it somehow. The boxy silhouette is a unique twist to the basic black top that we all consider a wardrobe staple. EMODA press assistant Erina Abe wore this top with white pants and a metallic necklace. I put my own flavor to it by wearing printed floral pants, and the black version of the silver wedges I spotted in EMODA’s “Mode Exotic" Spring Summer 2012 collection. 

Tricia Gosingtian EMODA Japanese Fashion

Fell in love with this top too much that I got it in blue as well. I hope there are still stocks left for this top, in case you’re interested in getting one for yourself! Both the box top and the hair band are 50% off right now. Shopaholics and Japanese and MODE fashion enthusiasts, you know what to do next. ATTACK!

Fall Foliage

Posted on Monday, 6 August 2012

Tricia Gosingtian Photography Fashion Personal Style Lifestyle Travel

(Sheinside top, Zara skirt, CMG heels, 37LA book clutch, Yhansy necklace, Dorothy Perkins belt, Ferreted bangle) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

My clutch has a Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban cover on it. Someone’s still not over her previous Harry Potter post.

Anyway, time for another quick outfit entry. Here’s something I wore to an intimate personal branding talk where I was one of the speakers. Usually I wear pants to these kinds of occasions, but this time, the setting allowed me to wear something a little less formal.

Even if we don’t really have Fall in Manila, I can’t wait to bring all my Fall items out of my closet. This kind of orange, as well as this kind of darker, non-pastel floral print, scream autumn leaves and autumn trees. 

Tricia Gosingtian Photography Fashion Personal Style Lifestyle Travel

These were shot some time ago, when my brown hair decided to give up on me and go back to blonde. I went to the salon immediately after this to have my hair dyed brown again even if my roots weren’t so bad yet! Everything is serious business when it comes to my hair. 

It took me a year to grow my hair out after cutting 6 or so inches off last summer 2011. Now that it’s long, I suddenly have the urge to cut it shorter again. 

Ahh, people always want what they don’t have!

Tricia Gosingtian Photography Fashion Personal Style Lifestyle Travel

So many colors for a change. My daily fashion choices surprise me too. It’s funny how I only really get to evaluate my outfit choices days and weeks after I actually wear them. Just shows how much thought I put into my styling process before heading out.

Tricia Gosingtian Photography Fashion Personal Style Lifestyle Travel

I think I’ll give my pastel colors a rest in the next couple of months. The typhoon we’ve been having in Manila has been so discouraging too. Makes you want to just curl up in a cozy sweater while you drink hot chocolate with a loved one.

Hope everyone had a good week!

CMYK Color Block

Posted on Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tricia Gosingtian Personal Style Fashion

(Pinkaholic pants, Monkee Business top, Comfit heels, 37LA book clutch) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

CMYK-inspired colors! I didn’t get cyan quite right, but I think I got everything else spot on. Color blocking is something I’ve never totally gotten a hang of, to be honest. If I do decide to combine so many colors in one outfit, something geeky like this usually happens. 

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