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Review: Tri-color Lenses

Posted on Friday, 6 April 2012

I missed doing these kinds of posts! Very reminiscent of my entries back in 2009/2010, yes?

Anyhow, here are all the 4 circle lenses that I’m using at the moment. You will see that for once I’m not wearing any contacts with bold limbal rings or patterns! It has actually been months since I outgrew my Popteen phase, so I’m trying to look a little less cutesy/cartoony now (or maybe this is also a phase that I’ll also eventually outgrow).

All the circle lenses I’m wearing below are tri-color ones that have yellow inner rings that mimic the effect of naturally colored eyes. Unlike my past experiences with bolder and bigger circle lenses, I don’t have to put on too much eye make-up when wearing these. However, you might want to invest on different colored lipsticks to complement your eye color! 

As usual, I have my forever circle lens sponsor Japanese Candy to thank for all of this.  I’m wearing brown wigs in all of the pictures because my blonde hair can be overwhelming in tight shots like these ones.

I hope you guys find this entry useful if you’re planning to purchase any lenses soon!

PUFFY 3TONES GRAY (14.5mm) - My favorite of the bunch. At first I was a bit freaked out by how light they were from inside the bottles, but they turned out so pretty in the end! Also haven’t experienced any discomfort with these babies so far. These are definitely a must have! They go with different kinds of make-up… smokey, natural, colorful, etc. (What is this sorcery?!)

Lipstick used: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach 075 + Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Creme Brulee 095

Thanks Elle Poupee for the floral hippie band!

GOSSIP 3TONE BROWN (14.5mm) - I love these lenses! Lovely shade of brown that’s not too yellow and not too red. The only downside is that I feel like they’re not big enough and that I was slightly tricked (lol). The lens itself is 14.5 but the print is just as big as any normal 14mm lens. You can still see that there’s a bit of space left from the edge of the design to the edge of the lens. :(

Lipstick used: Maybelline Color Sensational in Angel Rose

Thanks The Style Machine for the Hello Kitty glasses!

CRYSTAL 3TONE GREEN (14.5mm) - Same size issue as the brown lenses above, but these are slightly more acceptable, for some reason. The color is on the darker side  and they make your eyes look like your normal eyes but a lot shinier! I don’t know if I can recommend these ones and the brown ones to anyone since they kind of defeat the purpose of getting circle lenses, but perhaps if you’re looking for ones that aren’t too obvious or if you’re looking for your first pair of lenses *ever*, these might be best for you. The colors aren’t too overwhelming too.

Lipstick used: Prestige Lipstick in Romantic Red LCL-07

Thanks Miss Sartorial for the detachable collar!

SASSY 3TONE BLUE (14.5mm) - My alternative to the gray lenses above. These blue ones are quite suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a dolly look without having to resort to the ones with bold limbal rings. Lovely effect if you pair them with pink cheeks and lips. The combination makes you look younger and more innocent (haha)

Lipstick used: Maybelline Watershine Pure B24

Thanks Minimaos for the super pretty pink ombre wig (my dream hair color would be this kind of pale pink) and Miss Sartorial for the detachable collar!

Review: Geo Bambi Sesame Gray + Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato

Posted on Thursday, 9 June 2011

Finally got my hands on two of Tsubasa Masuwaka’s designs - Bambi Sesame Gray and Chocolate. I’m saving the latter for the future since I have so many circle lenses opened at the moment! Apparently, these are the most popular designs in Japan right now, and you can see them all over Japanese magazines such as as Popteen and Popsister. These are 15mm, perfect for people who really want their eyes to look bigger. IMHO, Geo makes the best lenses and this pair isn’t an exception in terms of comfort and design. They take a bit of getting used to if you haven’t tried 15.00mm lenses yet, but after a while you won’t feel anything anymore because they’re so comfortable.

The yellowish ring inside gives a lot of depth to these lenses, since there are a lot duller designs out there that only make you look like you have dead fish eyes!

It’s super cute how Mimi Cafe lenses are named after coffee! The designs are most probably made to resemble how your coffee cup looks from above. These ones that I’m wearing are 15.00mm Macchiato ones with a cute swirly design. Here’s a better photo:

These would make great everyday lenses! You can wear them with or without make-up and they would never look off.

Thanks a lot to Cherry Pacheco for the wonderful make-up and to Japanese Candy for always sponsoring my lenses. You can check out their website for more details. If you missed some of my old reviews (here to provide good pictures, more than anything else), you can find them here.

Review: Party Eyez / Vassen Natural Brown and Super Crystal Green

Posted on Sunday, 8 May 2011

First time to combine two lenses in one post. I’ve had these lenses for a while now but since I haven’t been in the country to shoot properly, I’m only posting the obligatory circle lens review and photos today! Thanks to Japanese Candy for always sponsoring my lenses. You can check out their website for more details.

These are 14.50mm Natural Brown lenses, which are my first ones that have a super thin black ring around them. It took a bit of getting used to, since I normally opt for ones with thicker rings or those with no dark rings at all. The dolly effect is really subtle, and it’s perfect for those who want to try something other than the usual brown lenses like Angel or Nudy. I prefer this over the last brown lenses I reviewed, mostly because they’re not freakishly Twilight-bright. It has a super interesting pattern and gradient starting from pale olive green to a nice shade of light brown that isn’t too overpowering. They’re called NATURAL for a reason. :)

Have been wearing these often and have experienced no discomfort at all. Just be careful to not leave them on for too long (I’m talking about contact lenses in general, not just this particular pair) or else you might damage your eyes. You only have one pair of eyes to last you a lifetime so make sure you clean your lenses properly too with clean hands and proper solution.

On the other hand, these are 14.50mm Super Crystal Green lenses that I just decided to try out for the heck of it. I’m always wearing gray or brown ones so I figured I should save at least one pair for special occasions. This proved to be a surprise! Never really imagined it to be this bright compared to photos I’ve seen online. It’s different and I actually don’t hate it? It’s a little loud for my usual taste but it works with super heavy eye make-up as seen in the photo below. It’s ideal for people who want their eyes to emphasized and not other parts of their face. The pattern is already busy on its own so a bold, black signature circle lens ring may just eat up space intended for the crystal effect. These lenses are definitely not for conservative circle lens wearers, but totally recommended for those up for something unique.

Been eying Tsubasa’s Bambi series since forever so I hope I can get my hands on Sesame Gray and Almond since they’re already available in the website. And oh, my lipstick is MAC Freckletone which is my current fave.

If you missed some of my old reviews, you can find them here.

Review: Party Eyez Jewel Brown / Vassen Super Glamour Brown

Posted on Monday, 4 April 2011

Thanks to Japanese Candy for sponsoring all my contact lenses.

These are 14.5mm ones that have a soft outer ring compared to most circle lenses out there. The enlargement is subtle, and not too in-your-face. The color is a little borderline brown and yellow, but I think they’re perfect if you really want your eyes to pop out in pictures. Brown lenses can get a little tricky since there are some that look almost black and end up making you rather alien-like. Or maybe I’m just partial to circle lenses with obvious patterns instead of ones that don’t have any. This pair’s part of the more-obvious-brown-lenses roster.

However, I personally like these better under natural lighting and non-flash photography. They makes your eyes look all nice and sparkly in an understated way. Plus the color is a little less freaky. Photo here.

Good for Twilight cosplay… or something.

Make-up by Cherry Pacheco. If you missed some of my old reviews, you can find them here.

Review: G&G Barbie Crystal.i Gray

Posted on Friday, 4 March 2011

Thanks to Japanese Candy for sponsoring all my contact lenses.

These 14.5mm lenses are rather special since they don’t have bold black rings around them, making them less cartoon-like, which is perfect because these are exactly what I need right now. After wearing circle lenses with obvious patterns, this pair is a breath of fresh air. The pattern isn’t too fancy or striking, but that’s the charm, I guess. Plus points because so far I haven’t encountered any discomfort wearing these for long periods of time.

I haven’t been wearing my other circle lenses because I’ve completely fallen in love with Crystal.i Grays!

If you missed some of my old reviews, you can find them here.

Review: EOS King Size Brown

Posted on Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Thanks to Japanese Candy for sponsoring all my contact lenses.

I’ve had these lenses for a while now (have to throw them out in a month), but I only got to take photos last month and only found time to write about this now. I used to own a pair of GEO Angel Brown lenses before (my favorite, but they weren’t enlarging enough), so I decided to get the 14.5mm version. I call these my “Popteen” lenses since the models (especially Kumicky and Nana) wear this pattern a lot.

I always recommend this pattern to first-timers since it’s a safe choice and it’s probably the most popular one out there (next one being the Wing/Olive or Nudy series). I don’t know what to say anymore because these lenses are pretty much perfect already. <3

If you missed some of my old reviews, you can find them here.