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School Girl

Posted on Thursday, 6 February 2014



(The Orphan’s Arms shirt, EMODA cardigan and shoes, Chicwish skirt, The Accessory Report necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

I still had to have the t-shirt version of this London School of Sorcery print even if I already have the cropped pullover version. With the news of J.K. Rowling regretting Hermione x Ron out, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about Harry Potter again. I really wanted to be Hermione and Ron to be together from the start (there was chemistry despite being opposites) so I’m definitely one of those butthurt fans that just had their perfect OTP dreams ruined. Or not. It’s not like the author can rewrite the books again, lol. Touch-move!

Who is your Harry Potter OTP?

Jeepers, Creepers

Posted on Tuesday, 28 January 2014


(Romwe jacket, Mango top, Equinox MNL skirt, Oasap creepers, EMODA necklace, MURUA bag) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

First time in a long time to wear creepers, and I’m still a little on the fence about them. I often see Luanna from Lookbook rocking them so naturally, pairing them with her effortless punk, grudge style that I could only wish to pull off. I do love that they give a much-appreciated height boost without sacrificing on comfort and that the thick soles make them perfect for cold weather dressing, but I still prefer sleeker, more sophisticated footwear that can give my legs a more svelte silhouette. 

Anyhow, one day, I just thought it would be cute to wear a more cutesy, not-so-badass outfit with these shoes. Of course, there had to be cats involved.

Le Bunny Bleu: Dazzling Dream (+ F/W Collection Sale)

Posted on Sunday, 26 January 2014








(Le Bunny Bleu flats, EMODA top and skirt, SM Accessories clutch) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Ultra cute and sparkly Christmas flats? Count me in! More often than not, I’d rather accessorize with sewn-in bling rather than pile a ton of accessories on top of each other. I always try my best to look as chic as possible using the least number of items. Seems like age has really turned me into a practical dresser!

I opted for Le Bunny Bleu’s Sina flats to a whole day of errands and meetings, and to a night out with Rg as we celebrated our 3rd anniversary together! The lack of heels make it casual enough for daytime use, while the presence of embellishments make it dressy enough for a date. If you’re looking for the perfect sophisticute (sophisticated and cute) pair of flats for everyday use, this is it! It also comes in brown/beige if you prefer something lighter that can also suit your spring/summer wardrobe.

There is an on-going sale for those who want first dibs on stocks and sizes (best to go today before people go crazy), but starting tomorrow, January 27, the entire fall/winter collection (examples here) will be 50% off!

This includes all their flats (including the ones I’m wearing here), sneakers, and boots. Time to stock up on these romantic vintage shoes that many K-pop stars love (examples here)! Totally eyeing the Viola loafers, thanks to a photo of a Crayon Pop member wearing them, so I’ll definitely drop by the store during the sale! See you there!

Visit them at 5th floor Bridgeway, East Wing Shangri-la Plaza (654-2599) and 2nd floor Glorietta 5 (955-7225).

You can follow Le Bunny Bleu on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Pleated Flare

Posted on Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Blogger Philippines

(EMODA top and bag, Choies skirt, Oasap heels, The Fab Shop earrings) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Ever since I dyed my hair back to brown, I’ve been dressing a little less edgy and a little more vanilla… which I think defines my style a bit more accurately. Glad to be back.

Loved my blue Sailor Moon skirt? I have it in magenta as well! Couldn’t get enough of it so I ordered it in red and green yesterday, lol. I can never have too many of these bright A-line skirts in my closet, especially now that we’re months away from spring. Someone is clearly excited.

I missed a sponsored trip to Switzerland last week because my trip to Taiwan made the visa processing time too tight. I couldn’t really do anything as I really enjoyed my Taiwan trip and wouldn’t trade it for the world, so there’s no use sulking about missed opportunities. It only means that there’s a better time for me to go to Switzerland!

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but I’m eyeing to fly to Tokyo again to visit friends and enjoy cherry blossom season. And some time in May, I think I’ll be going to the US (Las Vegas and San Francisco?) with my family to visit my brother Calel. This is my motivation to finish all my pending New York, Boston and LA travel diaries or else I’m going to have a very hard time! Where are you guys going for spring/summer break?

Check It Out

Posted on Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tricia Gosingtian Philippines

Tricia Gosingtian Filipino Blogger

(Sheinside top and skirt set, EMODA earrings and necklace, Jellybean heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Blog

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Blogger

(Sheinside sweater and skirt, Comfit heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

I’m pretty sure we’ll see more checkered patterns next season, but I’m certainly not wearing them just because they’re currently trendy. My mom has always had a penchant for plaids and checkers, and I’m certain that she passed it on to me. Every time we’d go shopping together, she’d automatically go to either the section where all the black are, or to the section where all the plaids and checkers are. I found myself developing the same habit throughout the years.

I’ve also been very partial to sharp angles and straight lines, etc. (as mentioned here) so this pattern is expected of me and my style. Crissey is the exact opposite - she is drawn to curved lines, and this clearly reflects on her drawing style, as well as on some of her fashion choices. In a way, I guess we are what we wear.

Speaking of Crissey, fate brought us together last Sunday when we coincidentally went to the same store in the same mall at the same time. Neither of us knew each other’s whereabouts so we totally freaked out at what happened. That night, we talked about horror movies (she loves to scare herself, and I also get curious, lol) until we fell asleep. I woke up at exactly 3 AM after an immensely strange dream where I saw Crissey die as she fell into a large gap while we were going down the escalator. In an attempt to find her body, I looked down the gap only to find it pitch black. After a few minutes of mourning because I didn’t know what to do and I really thought she was gone forever, Crissey miraculously found her way back up and immediately told me, in her usual cheery tone, that she fell 21 stories… and that “OMGGreenhills pala yung nasa baba!" I was dying (lol) of laughter when I relayed the story to my brother. That punchline I can’t even. 

Also, I should mention that in my dream, while we were going down the escalator, Crissey was holding a giant squash and a broom. Stop haunting my dreams, witch (of course, the moe magical girl type) Crissey!