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Lunch dates with Crissey last February. I met some of her lovely friends (Riz and Keita) and we all had the nicest food. For some reason, Trissey’s luck is extra high every time we’re together. We never end up at a bad restaurant!

She also gave me a late Christmas gift - the Laduree keychain that I wanted since last October! We spotted it in Hong Kong but ultimately decided not to buy it because it was quite pricey and we’d rather buy macarons. Of course, Trissey being Trissey, food has to be the priority, lol. She remembered that I wanted it so badly, and had someone in Japan buy it for her. So sweet! I immediately put it on my favorite bag as soon as I arrived home that day. Hopefully, it won’t snag my clothes. :D

Merci mon amour!

Simple dinner and coffee date with Rg. We usually just go to quiet places around the area where we live. One of our favorite Japanese restaurants is Marufuku somewhere near Pearl Drive in Ortigas. I order shimejidake to garlic every time, as mushrooms are my favorite things in the world! We always come out of the restaurant with garlic breath, but it’s easy to overlook because it’s not like it’s just one of us who has it, lol.

If anyone’s been wondering how my dog is doing, she is very much well and good. The last time I featured Bailey in this blog, she was only a few months old. She recently turned 1 last January! Time flies so fast. 

While these pictures make her look absolutely medium-sized, she is, in fact, already a whopping 69 pounds! She is a big dog that thinks like a puppy, and knows that she is strong enough to shove me out of my chair… err, I mean, her chair, if I’m sitting on it.

What an adorable boss.

Photos from the Sunday I spent playing Bravely Default, watching Wicked in Manila, drinking coffee, and eating cronuts with Rg.

Trissey x Food

Posted on Monday, 17 February 2014









Ladies who lunch at Stacy’s and 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Thanks to Crissey for the ViVi March issue! Buy all the gingham!


Posted on Wednesday, 5 February 2014

So recently I’ve been trying my best to bring my camera around with me everywhere, even if I don’t have a photo shoot or anything special happening. I wish I could say that I don’t remember when I exactly stopped doing this, but it’s all very clear to me, moreso now than ever. 

My iPhone has turned me into a very lazy person. I love and hate that it can do so many things that my frequency of use of other gadgets has been reduced to an infinitesimal amount. Sure I don’t need an actual calculator or alarm clock now (thank goodness), but iPhone camera is so good, it makes bringing an actual camera a little redundant sometimes. What a bad practice, eh?

While other people have achieving abs as their top 2014 goal, mine is going back to photography and treating it again the way I used to (when I first started). Expect more of these posts in the future! I’m really set on making more of these to make my blog more personal again (circa 2009?), as well as to keep it from being utterly predictable. 

Iced espresso cream latte from Coffee Bean.

Brushing up on my old Nihongo notes during my free time. Been reviewing with a private tutor so I can level up in terms of conversation and vocabulary.  I already took a basic Japanese language class 5 years ago but I totes want to be able to master it one day!

Because you know how some subs can take forever.

My favorite Crissey x Le Bunny Bleu limited edition notebook! I bring it with me everywhere because everything about it is perfect. Ideal size with no lines and grids.

Had dinner with the CANMAKE girls (Sachie-san, Eri-san, Arbee and Bea) at Hanaichi Restaurant at 28th and 4th in Fort/Taguig.

Crissey and I shared this giant assorted sashimi platter! NOM.

We’re still dreaming of these rolls until now. たこ焼きぽい!

Crissey wearing our favorite EMODA top in black! I wore the white version here.

As usual, Sachie-san gave us some goodies from Japan! She gave each of us a copy of the CANMAKE mook (magazine-book).

I also received the MURUA S/S14 lookbook (because she knows how much I love MURUA) and an amazing Ladurée stationery set. So cute I don’t ever want to use it. The erasers are shaped like macarons!

Crissey, on the other hand, received the limited edition Liz Lisa x Pentel Sliccies collaboration pen and pencil set! Watch out for pictures on her blog!

With the mook were some limited edition CANMAKE products.

Sample of what the mook’s pages look like. I’ll never get tired of these make-up tutorials. Easily my most favorite part in Japanese magazines. I never took any make-up lessons - I only learned how to do my make-up thanks to these helpful Japanese tutorials! Thanks CANMAKE!

They have an ongoing Valentines contest - Upload a photo of yourself with your special someone on CANMAKE’s Facebook wall, and tell them why you deserve a special date with him/her on Valentines Day! Winners will get special CANMAKE gifts plus a dinner for two at Hanaichi Restaurant. Good luck!