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Waterfall Braids at Status Salon

Posted on Friday, 21 February 2014

Trips to the salon need not always be long and complicated. I dropped by Status Salon yesterday to have my hair styled, and it only took me a total of 30 minutes. 

It was my first time to try waterfall braids! I showed them a photo for reference, and apparently, they’ve already done all sorts of braided hairstyles on their clients. Because of this, I’m motivated to finally grow my hair out again so I can try different styles. They also knew how to do ladder braids on those who have hair long enough for it, lol. Can you feel my frustration?!

Anyhow, here are photos of the whole process. I just got out of the shower so I skipped the shampoo/blowdry part.

Ta-dah! Instant princess hair!

This part was optional, but I wanted the ends curled for a full princess effect.

The final product. I loved it so much!

I can’t do Katniss or Elsa hair for now because of my hair length, but I’m glad there are braid alternatives that can also look great on medium hair.

Thanks to the Status Salon Eastwood team for the wonderful time!

For price inquiries and other concerns, follow Status Salon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon: Back to Ash

Posted on Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year, new hair color! Seem familiar?

I’m back to being brunette! Nobody saw this coming, but I’ve actually been meaning to remove this blotchy un-maintained red for a while now. It has only been a month and a half since my last dye job, but around Christmas time, I noticed that the ends of my hair were starting to get brassy, and that the whole color was starting to become annoyingly uneven. 

I remember talking to Crissey last December about switching back to brown simply because I was running out of red hair color treatment (bought in Japan last October) to maintain the red, and she was like “NOOO!”. Totally the reaction of everyone when I told them the red will have to retire prematurely. 

My recent trip in Taipei gave me enough time to ponder about the transition, especially because I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy process at all. Red is one of the hardest colors to work with because not only does it fade easily (red-red or red-violet usually turns brown-red after some time), but it also refuses to die (brown-red still has red). 

My mom has been constantly going to the Louis Phillip Kee near where we live, and I absolutely adore what they’ve been doing to her hair! Before we left for Taiwan, she had a haircut and a Keratin treatment because her thin, wavy hair (I got my hair genes from my dad) was starting to become unruly. She’s been having these treatments in different salons for years now, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it done in a very natural way, one that doesn’t make it seem like your hair was relaxed/rebonded. Her hairstylist performed the treatment to remove frizz, but not volume. The ends of my hair have been very hard to tolerate recently, so I figured I should have this treatment done on my own hair as well.

By the time I got back to Manila, I was very much convinced to take the plunge and spend the whole afternoon at the salon! 


Good thing it looked great. And smelled great. A towel and robe were put on my shoulders and they smelled so good I kept sniffing them for a good minute or two, lol.


Silly, pouty face for the girl with the messed-up hair color. It should look a lot healthier than this if I style it properly and use argan oil, leave-on conditioner, etc. but for blog purposes, here’s the most honest photo I can show you guys of my completely un-styled hair. 

Later, you can compare this mess of a photo to the last few photos in this post.


First step was to remove the red. And boy, was it a complete pain in the ass to remove.

They used some sort of blonde cream dye (the lightest they could find) and a color stripper to somehow mimic the effect of bleach. I was completely against bleaching my hair again, so they scrambled their brains out trying to figure out ways how to lighten and neutralize my hair without going through the easiest (but worst) route.


Tadah! Me, if I ever decided to go orange. Unfortunately, it is not a flattering color on me.

Things were slowly looking up, however. Orange is one step away from red!


Time for my final color! If you ask me what my exact hair color is, it’s somewhat like Schwarzkopf Igora 12-11 mixed with two darker ash shades which I have no idea about so I’ll stop talking now before I eat my own words.

Ariel (my mom’s hairstylist whom I specifically requested and trusted to supervise this whole dark red to ash brown shenanigan) did his magic and voila, the perfect shade of ash brown. He was so overjoyed with the result that he had to jot the formula down on a piece of paper so he can recreate this glorious color on other people’s hair! Time to go to Louis Phillip Kee along Libis/C5, everyone!


After dyeing, I went for a quick Keratin treatment where they combed Keratin on my hair, wrapped my hair with plastic, let the Keratin settle for about 15 minutes, and straightened my hair with a flat iron.

I requested them to not straighten my hair too much because my hair is already straight, and I just wanted the unnecessary frizz to disappear. It should stay extra straight for 4 months if you don’t wash your hair until the third day after the treatment, but… I really, really need to wash my hair tomorrow (2nd day) so… I don’t know, lol. We’ll see. 

(I have a shoot tomorrow which will probably require me to curl my hair. And curling hair with irons right after the treatment and before the first wash is a huge no-no.)


Well, the frizz is gone, and that’s what matters! Feels so much healthier now too.


Compare this photo with the pouty face one a few paragraphs back. Huge difference, right?


Thanks to Louis Phillip Kee for this successful transformation! I really missed being brunette! I feel like this is more my element, as much as I loved sporting cutesy blonde and edgy red hair. 


Thanks to Ariel (on the left) and his team for being patient enough to work on my hair for 5 whole hours! I could see that they were also contented with their work (they took so many pictures of my hair and couldn’t stop styling it as I was posing for selfies in the mirror) which made it all the more meaningful for everybody! Team spirit!

Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon can be found at The Fort (856-3388), Midori (553-4551) C5/Libis/Acropolis (638-4001) and Banawe (288-9758). You can set up an appointment or inquire about specific locations and prices by calling them. They’ll gladly be of service!

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Status Hair Salon Treatment and Trim

Posted on Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It’s been a month since I last visited a salon, and I figured it was about time I took my hair out for a treat! I paid Status Hair Salon (Tomas Morato branch) a visit because I was suffering horribly from work-related stress. Nothing like beautification to keep your spirits high, lol. 

The violet tinge in my hair has already faded completely as expected, but I don’t hate it at all. In fact, this is exactly the hair color that I want for Christmas - a warm red-brown that’s a little closer to the hair color of real redheads! I think it also matches my hair length quite well, don’t you think?


It’s located beside Dulcinea, across Don Henricos. You can’t miss it - look at their giant green sign!



I booked an appointment in the morning so they knew I was coming. I heard it gets crowded on weekends so it’s always better to call them before going! You can also ask them for prices and recommendations through the phone.


Jimmy checked my hair as soon as arrived, and recommended that I also get a trim besides the treatment because the ends of my hair were severely damaged from bleach (from way back when I had blonde hair). You can see clearly in this photo that the ends are much lighter than the roots. Bleached hair, begone!


But treatment time first! They used Biolage Colorcarethérapie Cera-Repair Pro on my hair after a quick shampoo.


They applied it gently with a brush. So cute how the brush handle is green too, haha


Then they wrapped my hair in plastic and let it sit for 40 minutes or so. Didn’t really have anything to do for 40 minutes so I spontaneously decided to get a quick manicure to kill time.


New bottles of nail polish! Sweet! They all had new, non-goopy nail polish so it was extra-exciting to choose which color to put on my nails. These two were my top picks, but I went for the color on the left in the end because I wasn’t too fond of the right polish’s shimmer.


Yay! My manicure ended just before I had to rinse the treatment out of my hair. Just in time!


Jimmy cut about an inch worth of damaged ends. I’ve been growing my bangs out  but he layered them a little so they won’t look too chunky when I style it. True enough, my bangs look so much better now!


Voila! My hair after the trim and treatment! So happy with the result! 


Couldn’t stop touching my hair because it felt so soft and healthy! 


Much thanks to Status Hair Salon Tomas Morato team for taking care of me that day! Awesome service and everybody was so nice and kind. Can’t wait to go back next month!

Before I end this post, I just want to share that Status Hair Salon can do pink hair (with bleach tho) which is a little difficult for most salons to achieve. 


Subtle light pink streak if you don’t want to bleach your whole head.


Jimmy called this style “asian ombre”. THAT ASH! I particularly love how this pink is not a bright bubblegum pink but more of an old rose / smoky pink shade. Achievable with bleached hair.


Jimmy’s own blonde hair with red/pink accents. So K-pop!

For price inquiries and other concerns, follow Status Salon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Instagram Photo Dump (September 2013)

Posted on Thursday, 12 December 2013

The last time I did a post like this one was August? I’m a horrible blogger! I’m really starting to hate myself for not continuing a lot of stuff this year because I got so busy with my book. Promise to bring back my MOFWs this 2014. I’ll also be updating my blog with the rest of my Instagram posts in the next couple of weeks. 

3 months have passed since these pictures and I’ve already forgotten I ever posted some of these on the platform, lol. This has officially transformed into a memory test because I have to remember everything again. At least I can cheat by scrolling down my Instafeed and checking all the captions one by one. This is why social media rocks. 

September was one of my most stressful months of the year because I was working double-time on my book, in preparation for the October launch. It was also my hair transformation month and that time when I went to Hong Kong with Crissey!

1) Gifts from Monica, the owner of I Do Nails (my fave nail salon)

2) Received this crazy awesome Nordstrom make-up set from Gabrielle Online Shop. I love all the neutrals on the left. I have yet to muster up the courage to use brighter colors on my eyelids haha the colors on the right remain unused for now.

3) Caramel overload with caramel macchiato and caramel belgian waffle from Starbucks!

4) That moment when I started doing Korean-style make-up because I fell in love with Stylenanda’s Park Sora.

5) The cutest, most useful camera bags for my 5D Mk II, 350D and Instax mini 7s. All gifts from Izzo Shop

6) Thanks to Hot Mess for the top!

7) High Street Central bathroom selfie with Crissey!

8) Sorelle Accessories made me a customized necklace! I’ve always wanted one of these!

9) Ganso Shabuway with the fam bam.

10) My favorite sea salt caramel latte from Umami Hambaagu House. Also, September was also the month when I clearly became obsessed with Ngi Ngi stamps.

11) I didn’t post this on my own Instagram but I took the photo. Crissey posted it on her Instagram! Too funny not to post. Love you forevs, bb

12) The view from The Peak in Hong Kong! 

13) Crissey and I went shopping at the MURUA at The One! We always ogle at Momoko Ogihara’s Instagram because we love her style so much! I am also now official LINE, Twitter and Instagram friends with Asami Kotake huhu she’s wonderful

14) OOTD time with Crissey! We didn’t plan our outfits and we ended up being all matchy matchy and couple-like. This is the power of Trissey!

15) Laduree macaron nom nom noms.

16) Limited edition leopard print boxes at Laduree. Fierce stuff.

17) A foretelling of the future! This was one of the earliest moments this year when I started drawing my brows darker and skipped the blonde eyebrow pencil and mascara.

18) Boots I got from H&M in Hong Kong. H&M Philippines, I can’t wait for you to arrive already! 2014, please come sooner!

19) After my major hair transformation. Check out all that hair. Looks monstrous.

20) The hairstylist responsible for my short haircut and red hair! Tweet Chay here!

I wish I could say I didn’t know why I looked so haggard during that time but I knew exactly why, lol. It all seems funny and trivial now but I was literally not getting any sleep as I was constantly working on my book!

21) Short, red hair inspired by Sulli’s Ceci cover! A lot of the Japanese neo-gals I follow also have dark hair now!

22) Just G’s September collection. I wore the military print jacket in an outfit post.

23) Posting because my hair looked pretty good here *smug face* lol

24) My first photo with Bailey since I cut my hair short!

25) Modeling a new SNSD x Baby-G watch from Time Depot!

26) All the CANMAKE goodies I got from the make-up tutorial I did for them and Candy magazine! The foundation and powder are winners. I brought them both with me to my US trip! I can’t be caught dead without the powder nowadays too.

27) At the Summit Media office checking the final proofs of my book! I still can’t believe it happened. Thanks to all those who supported my book! It’s been on the best sellers list for 2 consecutive months now.

28) Always feels so good to come home to this giant baby.

New Hair Color by Status Salon

Posted on Thursday, 21 November 2013

Surprisingly, I haven’t been too fickle about recent hair color, and have actually been strangely persistent about it compared to my previous ones. I’m definitely thinking of going growing my hair out and going back to my light ash brown next year, but red is really something. The change was something I totally needed at this point in my life.

I paid a visit to the salon upon coming back from the US. I couldn’t really bring any of my hair color-preserving products in my luggage, so it was only natural for my hair to fade to red-brown again with regular shampoo and conditioner. It wasn’t a bad color, though I wanted to prepare for Christmas as early as now. Crossing my fingers it’d turn ginger by December!

Enjoying a week or two of red-violet hair wouldn’t hurt, even if I know the violet will disappear eventually. The fading process is actually a fun thing for me (as it a hassle for most people) because I get a different kind of red with every wash!


Status Salon will be sponsoring my hair vanity for the next couple of months! It used to be Benefits Style Salon but they’ve now changed all the Benefits purple to bright Status green.

I went to the Eastwood branch as it was the nearest to my house. Status Salon’s creative director Nikki Bacay is based in their Greenhills branch, so I’m thinking of heading there next time! 

He was kind enough to drive all the way to Eastwood for me though! What a guy! 


He asked me what kind of red I wanted, and I told him about my red hair story. I know it’s inevitable for my red hair to fade to brown as I refuse to bleach my hair again circa 2011 but I wanted to try a brighter red shade with more violet in it. 


Time to dye! At first I was shocked that it was going to be this bright (I’d hate to sport McDonalds kind of red hair!) but Nikki assured me that my worst nightmare won’t be happening that day.


So bloody!


They dyed the layers framing my face half a shade darker. Apparently this technique can make your face look slimmer!


Talk about hairception. I chanced upon this hair article with a photo of myself while I was having my hair dyed and documented for a different kind of article (this entry).

Thanks to my friend Reggie for the feature!


After they dyed my hair, they checked the condition of my scalp with some sort of epic camera that I probably wouldn’t want to personally own. I can already see myself becoming obsessed and checking my scalp condition everyday. The photos on the left are photos of other people’s scalps. I was thisclose to asking if I could check them out, lol. 

Anyhow, this was pretty cool because most salons don’t care about scalps. There are a ton of treatments out there that make hair shiny and smooth, but scalp treatment aren’t as common. If your scalp is bad, your roots won’t grow as healthy as they should be. Or they won’t even grow at all if they’re clogged by excess sebum. 

I had my head scanned like this 2 years ago (before I went blonde) and my scalp was in a pretty decent condition. Now, after going blonde-brown-red, I knew I wasn’t going to get the same results!


They gave me a 4-step scalp treatment to totally clean and treat my scalp. This was my favorite part because it felt so good! 


The process is a bit tedious (had to get up from my chair thrice to wash my scalp) but if you really want to take care of your hair in the long run, you should try this out. 


Yay, my scalp is squeaky clean! 


Blow-drying time! I wasn’t going anywhere that night so I didn’t ask for a fancy hairstyle.

Plus you can see the final status (sorry, I had to) of my hair better when it’s straight! Loved the result!


Thanks to Status Salon for taking care of my hair I might go back before Christmas for cellophane treatment as Nikki suggested. 


Spotted some Schwarzkopf products on my way out. I bought Color Freeze shampoo and conditioner last month at PCX Greenbelt but now I know there’s somewhere near my house that sells them! Sulfate-free is the way to go!


For price inquiries and other concerns, follow Status Salon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Check this out as they’re giving away a P500 GC and a makeover to a lucky winner! Contest ends November 23rd!

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