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Instagram Photo Dump (September 2013)

Posted on Thursday, 12 December 2013

The last time I did a post like this one was August? I’m a horrible blogger! I’m really starting to hate myself for not continuing a lot of stuff this year because I got so busy with my book. Promise to bring back my MOFWs this 2014. I’ll also be updating my blog with the rest of my Instagram posts in the next couple of weeks. 

3 months have passed since these pictures and I’ve already forgotten I ever posted some of these on the platform, lol. This has officially transformed into a memory test because I have to remember everything again. At least I can cheat by scrolling down my Instafeed and checking all the captions one by one. This is why social media rocks. 

September was one of my most stressful months of the year because I was working double-time on my book, in preparation for the October launch. It was also my hair transformation month and that time when I went to Hong Kong with Crissey!

1) Gifts from Monica, the owner of I Do Nails (my fave nail salon)

2) Received this crazy awesome Nordstrom make-up set from Gabrielle Online Shop. I love all the neutrals on the left. I have yet to muster up the courage to use brighter colors on my eyelids haha the colors on the right remain unused for now.

3) Caramel overload with caramel macchiato and caramel belgian waffle from Starbucks!

4) That moment when I started doing Korean-style make-up because I fell in love with Stylenanda’s Park Sora.

5) The cutest, most useful camera bags for my 5D Mk II, 350D and Instax mini 7s. All gifts from Izzo Shop

6) Thanks to Hot Mess for the top!

7) High Street Central bathroom selfie with Crissey!

8) Sorelle Accessories made me a customized necklace! I’ve always wanted one of these!

9) Ganso Shabuway with the fam bam.

10) My favorite sea salt caramel latte from Umami Hambaagu House. Also, September was also the month when I clearly became obsessed with Ngi Ngi stamps.

11) I didn’t post this on my own Instagram but I took the photo. Crissey posted it on her Instagram! Too funny not to post. Love you forevs, bb

12) The view from The Peak in Hong Kong! 

13) Crissey and I went shopping at the MURUA at The One! We always ogle at Momoko Ogihara’s Instagram because we love her style so much! I am also now official LINE, Twitter and Instagram friends with Asami Kotake huhu she’s wonderful

14) OOTD time with Crissey! We didn’t plan our outfits and we ended up being all matchy matchy and couple-like. This is the power of Trissey!

15) Laduree macaron nom nom noms.

16) Limited edition leopard print boxes at Laduree. Fierce stuff.

17) A foretelling of the future! This was one of the earliest moments this year when I started drawing my brows darker and skipped the blonde eyebrow pencil and mascara.

18) Boots I got from H&M in Hong Kong. H&M Philippines, I can’t wait for you to arrive already! 2014, please come sooner!

19) After my major hair transformation. Check out all that hair. Looks monstrous.

20) The hairstylist responsible for my short haircut and red hair! Tweet Chay here!

I wish I could say I didn’t know why I looked so haggard during that time but I knew exactly why, lol. It all seems funny and trivial now but I was literally not getting any sleep as I was constantly working on my book!

21) Short, red hair inspired by Sulli’s Ceci cover! A lot of the Japanese neo-gals I follow also have dark hair now!

22) Just G’s September collection. I wore the military print jacket in an outfit post.

23) Posting because my hair looked pretty good here *smug face* lol

24) My first photo with Bailey since I cut my hair short!

25) Modeling a new SNSD x Baby-G watch from Time Depot!

26) All the CANMAKE goodies I got from the make-up tutorial I did for them and Candy magazine! The foundation and powder are winners. I brought them both with me to my US trip! I can’t be caught dead without the powder nowadays too.

27) At the Summit Media office checking the final proofs of my book! I still can’t believe it happened. Thanks to all those who supported my book! It’s been on the best sellers list for 2 consecutive months now.

28) Always feels so good to come home to this giant baby.

New Hair Color by Status Salon

Posted on Thursday, 21 November 2013

Surprisingly, I haven’t been too fickle about recent hair color, and have actually been strangely persistent about it compared to my previous ones. I’m definitely thinking of going growing my hair out and going back to my light ash brown next year, but red is really something. The change was something I totally needed at this point in my life.

I paid a visit to the salon upon coming back from the US. I couldn’t really bring any of my hair color-preserving products in my luggage, so it was only natural for my hair to fade to red-brown again with regular shampoo and conditioner. It wasn’t a bad color, though I wanted to prepare for Christmas as early as now. Crossing my fingers it’d turn ginger by December!

Enjoying a week or two of red-violet hair wouldn’t hurt, even if I know the violet will disappear eventually. The fading process is actually a fun thing for me (as it a hassle for most people) because I get a different kind of red with every wash!


Status Salon will be sponsoring my hair vanity for the next couple of months! It used to be Benefits Style Salon but they’ve now changed all the Benefits purple to bright Status green.

I went to the Eastwood branch as it was the nearest to my house. Status Salon’s creative director Nikki Bacay is based in their Greenhills branch, so I’m thinking of heading there next time! 

He was kind enough to drive all the way to Eastwood for me though! What a guy! 


He asked me what kind of red I wanted, and I told him about my red hair story. I know it’s inevitable for my red hair to fade to brown as I refuse to bleach my hair again circa 2011 but I wanted to try a brighter red shade with more violet in it. 


Time to dye! At first I was shocked that it was going to be this bright (I’d hate to sport McDonalds kind of red hair!) but Nikki assured me that my worst nightmare won’t be happening that day.


So bloody!


They dyed the layers framing my face half a shade darker. Apparently this technique can make your face look slimmer!


Talk about hairception. I chanced upon this hair article with a photo of myself while I was having my hair dyed and documented for a different kind of article (this entry).

Thanks to my friend Reggie for the feature!


After they dyed my hair, they checked the condition of my scalp with some sort of epic camera that I probably wouldn’t want to personally own. I can already see myself becoming obsessed and checking my scalp condition everyday. The photos on the left are photos of other people’s scalps. I was thisclose to asking if I could check them out, lol. 

Anyhow, this was pretty cool because most salons don’t care about scalps. There are a ton of treatments out there that make hair shiny and smooth, but scalp treatment aren’t as common. If your scalp is bad, your roots won’t grow as healthy as they should be. Or they won’t even grow at all if they’re clogged by excess sebum. 

I had my head scanned like this 2 years ago (before I went blonde) and my scalp was in a pretty decent condition. Now, after going blonde-brown-red, I knew I wasn’t going to get the same results!


They gave me a 4-step scalp treatment to totally clean and treat my scalp. This was my favorite part because it felt so good! 


The process is a bit tedious (had to get up from my chair thrice to wash my scalp) but if you really want to take care of your hair in the long run, you should try this out. 


Yay, my scalp is squeaky clean! 


Blow-drying time! I wasn’t going anywhere that night so I didn’t ask for a fancy hairstyle.

Plus you can see the final status (sorry, I had to) of my hair better when it’s straight! Loved the result!


Thanks to Status Salon for taking care of my hair I might go back before Christmas for cellophane treatment as Nikki suggested. 


Spotted some Schwarzkopf products on my way out. I bought Color Freeze shampoo and conditioner last month at PCX Greenbelt but now I know there’s somewhere near my house that sells them! Sulfate-free is the way to go!


For price inquiries and other concerns, follow Status Salon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Check this out as they’re giving away a P500 GC and a makeover to a lucky winner! Contest ends November 23rd!

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Instagram Photo Dump (June 2013)

Posted on Thursday, 8 August 2013

June was my back-to-reality month after all the happy cray that went down during April and May. For most people, it signaled that start of another school year. For me, it felt more like August, when all the midterms are supposed to be. Suddenly, my workload tripled and it seemed as if the previous months existed so I could prepare myself accordingly. Ugh. Just a few weeks/months before I can relax with that secret project I keep on mentioning, but in the meantime… HUSTLE!

At least I’m not 3 months late with my IG Photo Dumps anymore, though I’m well-aware that I still have 2 Kyoto posts and an MOFW Japan pending. Right now, I’m thinking if I should just merge it with my upcoming MOFW Hong Kong since I tend to buy Japanese brands there anyway. Decisions, decisions!

Anyhow, here’s a collection of photos I took back in June. Wow, I was really up and about. Little by little, as I post more IG Photo Dumps, you’ll get to see how much of a hermit I’ve become since then! 


1) Late beach outing with my friends. A week later this was taken, rainy season finally arrived in the country, making it almost impossible to enjoy weekends with zero chance of rain.


2) Posted this on my Twitter, but it’s related to the beach photo. That out-of-town trip was the last trip our 7-year-old group of friends was going to have in a while. Kiks is now taking his masters in an art school in San Francisco, and he won’t be back until 2015! Woot, good luck to him!


3) New (and affordable) accessories from Just G. I haven’t been able to visit them last summer so I was surprised to see so many new designs from them! 


4) What’s an IG Photo Dump without food porn? This is my favorite seafood salad from UCC. Yes, it has a ton of fried stuff in it. Makes the whole thing taste really good.


5) Selca from the mirror in Just G Megamall. Wearings INGNI top, EMODA pants, bag and necklace, and Gold Dot wedges on a busy errands day.


6) Look who I bumped into on the way out of the mall! 


7) Roasted bone marrow from Village Tavern in High Street Central.


8) Another selfie. For some reason, I have so many selfies from last June and almost zero for July-August. Stress, what are you doing to meee

There is always time for annoying selfies. 


9) Man, was I vain last June or what? 

Wearing a cute cut-out Tracyeinny top!


10) ViVi’s popular July issue which came with a free snidel shirt. I’ve been seeing the shirt so often in Japanese street snaps that it has also become one of my favorite everyday shirts. 


11) I don’t know why I look so different here, but it was a good bangs day. This was also the last proper photo of my accidental ombre which I got so tired of eventually.

Wearing an Apartment 8 halter top!


12) I visit Marufuku in Ortigas every month, it seems.


13) Trissey on Independence Day! 


14) Our first meeting with the CANMAKE Philippines team at WIld Flour in Podium. L-R: Crissey, Arbee, me, Eri, Sachie and Bea.


15) Went to Caffe Bene to work and was easily tempted to get a mango crunch cake. #skinnyfatproblems


16) Darker hair color fresh from the salon. It stayed this way for about 1 1/2 weeks until it gradually faded to the lighter ash brown I’ve been sporting recently.

This is actually a mix of different levels of ash brown, since I was really set on killing the accidental ombre caused by my bleached ends. The dye used for the bleached parts were a bit darker than the one used for my roots, so it’s hard to say what exact color this is!

Visit my hairstylist Lena at Park Jun’s in Glorietta if you’re interested in this color, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be as ashy if you’ve never had your hair bleached before. Try it anyway!


17) With David and Lissa at the Aeropostale Aero Jam! 


18) Dropped by Cupcakes by Sonja’s since I was in Glorietta. Shang branch, please open soon!


19) Intentionally changed the way I did my make-up and went for a simple eyes-bold lips combo for once. 


20) Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen on a rainy day. 


21) Thanks @houseofjelly on IG for contributing to my already-junk-filled lifestyle. Can’t say no to Nutella and green tea Crunch.


22) @polishedinthecity on IG gave me the prettiest colors! OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest and My Vampire is Buff, ZOYA Toni, Yara and Skylar.


23) Straight hair, don’t care! 


24) The placement of the bread in this dish reminds me of bunny ears. This is the truffle pasta I always get in Locale!


25) Fooled around and called this my high fashion alter ego, lol. Actually, I just finished my make-up and decided to camwhore before blowdrying my hair. Check out my pretentious model squint.


26) Back to my normal self! Pink cheeks, pink lipstick and soft curls. :)

Lucido-L: Bringing Health Back to Hair

Posted on Monday, 10 June 2013

Ever wondered how my hair manages to look decent even after all these years of hair dye and curling? You’d think that by now, I’d have the worst quality hair in the entire world, having subjected it to 8 months of bleaching once. My hair hasn’t completely grown out since then, resulting in this accidental ombre, though I cut a few inches off the bleached ends a few months ago for a new look for 2013.

Even then, I can still curl or style my hair almost everyday if I wanted to without immensely damaging it! I know a few hairstylists who are quite surprised at how I am able to keep the quality of my hair okay after all this time. More than my skin, I am actually more proud of my hair condition! So what is my secret behind it?

If there’s such a thing as skin care, surely there must also be such a thing as hair care! Shampoo and conditioner are somewhat like the cleanser and moisturizer for hair, and we use all these everyday to keep our hair and skin clean and soft. But what could be the hair equivalent for all the facial masks, creams emulsion and essences that we use for our face?

Daily supplements for hair!

Thanks to Lucido-L, one of the leading hair styling brands in Japan, we can wake up to softer, smoother hair with their new leave-on hair care products that have finally landed in Manila! I’ve been a user of Lucido-L products since 2 years ago! (If you go back to this post from January 2012, I included 2 Lucido-L products in my hair must-haves!)

Lucido-L aims to restore the original capability of hair to lock-in moisture. The main reason why we get split ends or why our curls fall flat in the first place is the lack of moisture in our hair, and no matter how much moisture you apply to your hair, it will all be in vain if your hair doesn’t have the ability to keep it. 


This is my freshly-out-of-the-shower-then-air-dried hair (except for my bangs, in this pic, lol). I apply about 2 small pumps of Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Repairing Oil for Straight Hair every night, before I go to sleep. It doesn’t take too long to use it, as it’s leave-on. I absolutely love the healthy texture of my hair after applying this! My bleached hair ends don’t feel like they were bleached at all? Those who had their hair bleached before would totally understand this. Somehow after bleaching, it is so hard to bring your hair back to its original pre-bleached quality, but this does the job well. Or at least it feels and looks like it!


Lucido-L Treatment Oil comes in 2 variants - one for permed hair and one for straight hair. I’ve never had my hair permed so I haven’t tried the orange one yet, but the pink one is a godsend!

Repairing Oil <Straight> smoothes and tames frizzes for moisturized hair that allows fingers to run through easily from roots to ends.

Repairing Oil <Perm> maintains soft bouncy curls with lightweight yet moisturizing oil.


It’s rare for me to go out without my signature loose waves, but I know better than to curl my hair without applying any sort of heat protection or styling product, especially with the humid weather that we have in Manila. It’s so difficult to let curls and volume last the whole day, plus you run the risk of permanently damaging your hair with high heat if you don’t use the correct hair care products to take care of it.

Here I am with the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk Airy variant. I was born with dead-straight hair, and the concept of permanent hair straightening makes me cringe as I’ve always adored big, bouncy hair with lots of volume! Lucky for me, this Airy Styling Milk perfectly addresses my hair problem, which is lack of volume!

Lucido-L Styling Milk comes in 4 variants, two of which can double as heat protectors. It’s amazing how there are so many variants when they all seem so similar, but each one addresses a different hair concern.


Styling Milk <Straight> coats the hair strands for effortless sleek and straight hair. It can also be used for heat protection.

Styling Milk <Airy> coats the hair strands for outstanding volume.

Styling Milk <Wave> coats the hair strands for soft and tangle-free waves.

Styling Milk <Curl> coats the hair strands for round and bouncy curls.  It can also be used for heat protection.


I apply Lucido-L Styling Milk <Curl> before curling to protect my hair against heat damage. Plus points that all the Lucido-L products have a sweet, fruity smell and do not contain any preservatives.

The Japanese are known to have perfect hair, and you’ve gotta trust their knack for producing the best, most effective hairstyling products!


Voila! Here is the finished look after curling - round, bouncy curls for a sweet, youthful look!


A close-up of my hair thanks to Lucido-L products. No editing here! I’ve no time! #humblebrag

Want to win 3 bottles of Lucido-L hair products and a GC to Blo Blow Dry bar? They are holding a contest to answer all your hair problems! They will ultimately choose 6 winners that will best represent the 2 treatment oils and 4 styling milks!

To join/qualify, you just have to have your own blog and live in the Philippines! And no, I’m not going to require you to like/follow all my social networking sites. :D

Here are the easy steps to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted:

Step 1: Like Lucido-L’s Facebook page.

Step 2: Choose 1 Treatment Oil variant AND 1 Styling Milk variant that you think can address your current hair problem. Here’s a rundown of the variants and the hair problems that each one addresses:

Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil

A) Treatment Oil Straight - Hair Problem: Extra dryness of their hair due to damages caused by rebonding/coloring 

B) Treatment Oil Perm - Hair Problem: Extra dryness of their hair due to damages caused by perming/coloring

Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk

a) Styling Milk Straight - Hair Problem: Unmanageable and frizzy hair because of dryness

b) Styling Milk Wave - Hair Problem: Curls fall flat because of dryness and lack of moisture

c) Styling Milk Curl - Hair Problem: Dryness due to hair Ironing/curling

d) Styling Milk Airy - Hair Problem: Lack of volume from the hair

Step 3: Blog about your hair concerns in your Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot, etc., with any title containing “Lucido-L” in it.

(Don’t forget to specify which treatment and oil and styling milk you want! It doesn’t have to be long. You can just write about it in one simple paragraph. You can start with something like “My hair has always been extremely dry due to ironing and curling, but I’ve read about Lucido-L Styling Milk Curl and it looks so promising! I wish I could get one for myself!” For pictures, feel free to grab the ones in this post but PLEASE credit me and my blog properly with a link back!)

Step 4: Come back to this post and comment with your full name, email and exact link to your blog entry! Lucido-L will be announcing the winners on their Facebook page! 

Deadline for submission of entries is June 21, 2013 11:59 p.m. Can’t wait for you guys to try it out! Announcement of winners will be within the week after the deadline via direct email as well as public Facebook announcement.


Lucido-L is exclusively available at Watsons. Both treatment oil and styling milk retail at Php 295 each. 

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Instagram Photo Dump (January 2013)

Posted on Tuesday, 19 February 2013


1) Coffee and work date with my good friend Tracy at the Caffe Bene in Eastwood. We both cannot work at our own homes because we end up being super unproductive, so we schedule dates at our favorite coffee places to motivate each other to not slack off!


2) As I uploaded these pictures for this post, I realized that I took a lot of these mirror shots last month! Some of the outfits might seem familiar from Lookbook.


3) You’ll see this stripey H&M top twice in this post. 


4) What I wore to my cousin’s garden wedding at Tagaytay. Found this long dress on sale at Mango. Borrowed the clutch from my mom who I went shopping with at Miss Selfridge last Christmas.


5) One of the most effective ways to keep yourself in check is to wirte in a gratitude journal. Got this particular one at kikki.K in Singapore last year. Even if I forget to write here sometimes, I make sure that I dedicate a few minutes every day to reflect on the things I should be grateful for on my own.


6) Sukiyaki night with le boyfriend! We love to eat out, and we both love to take photos of our food. Follow him on IG: @rgabunada


7) Wearing jeans! *gasp*


8) Sashimi platter! NOM


9) One of my MOFW Fukuoka posts. Black and white is such a huge trend right now, it seems. I feel like I’m having an extended Christmas because most of my closet has always been filled with these two colors and you can see them everywhere in the mall.


10) Obligatory Bayo dressing room post. Ended up getting the pink/cream version of this top for my Bayo outfit post last January. Now that I think about it, I should’ve gotten the mint one too!


11) Outfit for a meeting. EMODA top, Just G jacket.


12) Outfit for dinner with my family at High Street Central. Zara top, dazzlin skirt.


13) RG and I have been officially together for 2 years last January 23rd! He sent me flowers first thing in the morning. How sweet. <3 


14) Had our anniversary lunch at Premio The Fort, where I had this amazing olive oil poached salmon. I finished the whole thing. NOM


15) Finally got an Instax Mini too, thanks to him. He couldn’t find plain border film so he ended up buying whatever was available - this interesting rainbow gradient film that apparently so many people on IG like! I’d still prefer plain ones though. :D


16) Hiroshima Oyster set at Yabu! Not as big as the real oysters in Hiroshima (which I was fortunate enough to try last December), but still super good! They stuffed a lot of small oysters inside. NOM


17) Dyed my hair lighter last month.

Though as of this writing, my hair is about 3 inches shorter. Had to let go of all the damaged parts after so long. I had to curl my hair every time I wanted to make it look decent. So tedious! To think my hair color is high maintenance enough. 

Currently looking for a new Japanese or Korean salon to do my next hair color! I’ve been going to the same one for the past 5 years that I think its time to give other salons a chance.


18) Lastly, this outfit! Can’t wear red for a few weeks/months now because of some Chinese traditions I have to follow, so we’ll finally see less of this color for now…