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MAC and Etude House February Haul

Posted on Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing the old blog format back, as promised. The old blog format means… no format. Which is just how I started. I used to do these kinds of personal and spontaneous posts often in the past, if you didn’t know and are quite new here! :D

Tricia Gosingtian MAC Cosmetics

MAC nail lacquer in Skin and MAC blush in Dolly Mix.

The nail polish was quite a splurge but justifiably one of my favorite (if not most favorite) neutral nail polishes. I’ve been looking for a light muted peach color for a while now and this is perfect. It’s not too tan but not too peach either. The in-between color makes for a good everyday nail color that can suit different outfits.

On the other hand, I’ve been eyeing this blush in all MAC counters since forever! Never got to buy it because I already have a ton of candy pink blushes, and at one point in my life I felt like I had too much. But I threw some old ones out so now I have room for more. Huzzah! First blush on my list was MAC Dolly Mix because it’s such a cute pink and it’s surprisingly not as shocking as the color in the pan when applied. Gives me a nice doll-like flush.

Tricia Gosingtian Etude House

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6 Grapefruit Jelly, Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PBE001, and Bling Bling Eye Stick #5 Silver Milky Way.

I haven’t bought Korean cosmetics for months so I asked Crissey to accompany me to the nearest Etude House a few days ago. I only realized how much I missed it after seeing all the new stuff and how incredibly affordable they all are compared to my favorite Japanese brands! T_T I got this light peach-pink blush and nude-pink limited edition lipstick in time for spring! The blush is light and sheer but definitely buildable, which is my primary reason for this purchase! I needed a warm, healthy-looking color that would go well with my almost no make-up days. 

I admit the lipstick was an impulse buy. The Princess Etoinette packaging was just too adorable! <3 But you guys would know that I already have a ton of these my-lips-but-better colors based on 3 years worth of Lookbook pictures. It looks so good with the blush though. Plus stocks are running out fast because it’s only available for a limited time.

The eye stick is like fairy dust on steroids. I have to be extra careful not to overdo it or else I’d end up looking like an alien. I used to only improvise by using light glittery eyeshadow if I wanted to put something on the inner corners of my eyes, but this makes the whole process sooo much easier. 

Let me know if there are any “it” items that I need to pick up, beauty addicts! I’ll probably do an updated beauty must-haves posts in the next few weeks or months.

August Hong Kong Shopping Haul

Posted on Monday, 15 August 2011

Tutus and socks from a store in Miramar, skirts from random stores in the streets, stripey blazer with matching shorts from a store in Prudential Center, brown blazer and corset dress from H&M, leggings from 5cm, white dress and furry cardigan from Liz Lisa, loose floral tops and ribbon belt from Cutie Little Fun, shoes all from Venilla Suite, Japanese beauty products (i.e. Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, etc.) from Sasa and Citysuper, and magazines from HMV and other bookstores.

Shopping is so much more fun when everything is 60%+ off!

Recent beauty haul from my holiday Singapore trip. Finally got my hands on Dolly Wink lower lashes. I’ve also been such a fan of Canmake so it was good to finally stock up on their blushes since I’ve been using my existing ones rather sparingly out of fear of using them all up and not having a proper replacement.

Also, Japanese hair products are too awesome for words, really.

Peach Cheek Blusher in #5 Happy Peach (P428).

More Etude House goodies. I should be banned from this place. Etude House will be the death of all my Chinese New Year angpao. Anyhow, I took some quick photos earlier today.

Eyelash Curler (P198), to replace my old The Face Shop one. What made me get this - seeing it being used on Go Mi Nam in the k-drama “You’re Beautiful”, haha.

Orgel Light Eyes No. 4 Peach Beige (P428). Personally not a fan of dark eye make-up, so I figured this would be perfect for daily use.

Mini French No. 6 French Silver Glitter (P128).

Nail Art Pen in Red (P148). My third nail art pen from Etude House. I loved the black and white ones too. Polka dots are much easier to make with these magical pens. Wish they could come up with more colors (i.e. yellow, blue, etc).

Allover Spray Petit Bijou Peach Touch (P378). It’s an odor eliminating spray, and I’m totes loving the peach smell.

(Random trivia: My room has always smelled like peppermint *from MakeRoom* because it reminds me of Christmas - and I love Christmas)

Top 10 Tan Lip Gloss (P298). It’s something I wouldn’t normally wear, but might be good for special occasions. The gold sparkles look scary, but they’re not as loud as they look.

Nail Stickers (P78). This is my third set of Etude House stickers already. The patterns are adorbs and they last pretty long. Definitely worth it.

Tear Drop Liner (P328 each) and Oh~ m’Eye Line in Black (P198). Watching Jessica in some of SNSD’s live performances of Genie made me want to try wearing glittery eye make-up too. Got the eyeliner too so I can compare it to my HG Prestige eyeliner.

Oh, and they played Abracadabra while I was there. *u* Etude House is located in SM Megamall Bldg. A.

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