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MURUA: Charming Lady

Posted on Sunday, 15 December 2013


Tricia Gosingtian Japanese Fashion

(MURUA sweater, bag and shoes, Chicwish skirt) Hype on Lookbook here.


Tricia Gosingtian MURUA Japanese Fashion

(MURUA Mai Miyagi collaboration sweater, bag and shoes, Hot Topic skirt) Hype on Lookbook here.

Finally got my hands on these iconic MURUA shoes from their 2013 A/W collection, thanks to the ever fabulous MURUA PR girl Asami Kotake who sent over a box of MURUA goodies straight from Japan. Merry Christmas to me! Cue fireworks! I am absolutely in love! 2013, you still continue to surprise me. <3

MURUA producer and Japanese fashion icon/trendsetter Momoko Ogihara wore these shoes to the touchMe show last May, and included them in some of her Instagram posts. I also spotted a number of Shibuya girls sporting them when I went to Tokyo last October, but failed to get a pair for myself because they were already sold out due to popular demand! I could totally see why, when I got to fit my own pair. The height seems ridiculously high, but they are surprisingly very comfortable to walk in and they make legs look super long and thin. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

I’m half-dreading, half-looking forward to my Taiwan trip this January, because I know MURUA has a store there… and I never go out of a MURUA store without buying anything! MURUA, stop being so charming! 

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Blue Mode

Posted on Monday, 4 November 2013

Tricia Gosingtian Japanese Fashion

Tricia Gosingtian Japanese Fashion

(Sheinside sweater, EMODA skirt, watch, bag and wedges) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

I clearly had an EMODA hangover when I wore this a few days after I got back from Tokyo. I know I kind of retired this kind of MODE style for a while, but my trip to Japan made it all come back to me. Japan, just take all my money.

Now that I’ve been in the US for more than a week now, I’ve come to realize that I’m such a good girl here when it comes to shopping. 9 days and I’ve not bought a single item of clothing. My MOFW project has been on hiatus ever since I started working on my book, and the timing could not any better. It seems like my “ultimate vacation” mode includes taking a break from clothes shopping as well. The only thing I bought in New York was a new lens for my camera. Talk about my geeky priorities.

In other news, I’m on my way to Boston in a few hours to visit my aunt who’s been living there since the ’80s. She comes home to Manila every few years but it’s my turn to pay her a visit. I’m so excited because I can get to chill for a change (Chicago and New York were a bit stressful with all the touristy stuff we did), but also so scared because it was freezing in New York today and Boston’s weather is going to be so much colder! 

Denim and Leather

Posted on Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Japanese Personal Style Emoda Lifestyle

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Japanese Personal Style Emoda Lifestyle

(HEIR top, Topshop top, Romwe shorts, Comfit heels, Forever 21 headband) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

A little EMODA-inspired outfit that I wore last week, on a busy errands day. No time to fix my hair properly so I just left it straight and unstyled. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the actual EMODA top ever since I saw it being worn and styled in different ways by Kinoshita Yukina and Matsumoto Ena in the pages of ViVi magazine, but I just got back from Fukuoka when this was released. Don’t you just love the semi-transparent sleeves? Coincidentally, just as I was about to give up trying to find one, this online store sent me a similar top as a gift for taking photos of their catalog. Talk about destiny! In true Ena fashion, I even paired it with a simple top with a cute cat print and my favorite leatherette shorts. The brand just opened their online store last week, so that’s good news to all you MODE lovers!

Chunky heels are the way if you still want that added height even if you’re always on the go. Think of them as alternatives to comfortable wedges. Thanks Comfit for these adorable shoes! My style is still super predictable - I can never get over injecting hints of yellow whenever I’m wearing black and white. I blame this on my blonde hair that matches yellow so perfectly.