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Posted on Wednesday, 30 July 2014



(Kate-Katy top, Romwe skirt, Alodia Cloud Bag, EMODA earrings, from Japan headband and heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Talk about real “cloud storage”? You can’t get any more kawaii than this.

Thanks Edjie for this adorable bag! You can easily send her a message on her Like Page or email her directly at cc if you’re interested in owning one just like it! 

Pleated Plaid

Posted on Wednesday, 2 July 2014



(Her Spot top and skirt, Romwe bag, Coach heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Back to back-to-school plaids and pleats! Whenever I wear skirts like this, I’m reminded of my own school’s black and white checkered skirt, and how much I’d love to create a set of outfits revolving around it. Y/Y?

After high school (I went to St. Paul Pasig, btw!), I kept one of my skirts around for experimentation. I had it altered to a shorter length, and actually went about my normal life wearing it. It’s gone now, but I’d love to be able to get a complete set of uniforms again one day, just for keeps! Or make that two sets - I’d keep the 1st set as is, then alter the 2nd set and turn it into a seifuku, lol. 

Call me shameless, but I really do believe that we have the best uniform! Black and white gingham all the way! If I had to choose a 2nd place, however, I wouldn’t mind wearing ICA’s dark blue skirt or Assumption’s red skirt. 

Le Bunny Bleu: Nifty Neon + Lettering 101 Workshop

Posted on Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(Le Bunny Bleu shoes, Bershka top, Romwe skirt, Bagfull bag, Time Depot vintage Casio watch, zeroUV sunglasses) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Summer sandals need not be boring or height-compromising! While I was thisclose to getting yet another pair of oxfords during my recent visit to Le Bunny Bleu, this bright green pair called out to me way too much that I had to get it ASAP. I have a shortage of green-colored footwear, let alone bright neon open-toe sandals that have a bit of heel on them, so this was just what my shoe collection needed. Wouldn’t hurt to go out of my comfort zone once in a while!

Speaking of comfort zones, I’m sure all of you can relate to me when I say that my life has become so digital - it’s starting to get disconcerting! Instead of manually taking down notes, it’s faster and easier to just take pictures. When I was younger (way before I got into photography), I was one of those kids in school who was always tasked with decorating the blackboard, etc. It seems like I unlearned everything as I grew older and shifted interests! Didn’t think it was even possible. However, I still have a small glimmer of hope that I can revive that non-computer-dependent side of myself that has been on hiatus these past few years.

Good thing Le Bunny Bleu is holding a basic lettering workshop this Saturday! 

This is only the first of Le Bunny Bleu’s series of our Crafts Workshops. Super exciting, right? Since Le Bunny Bleu is a romantic vintage brand with old Euro world charm combined with New York modernism, they will be holding workshops (for free!) for their dear customers to celebrate this aesthetic. Their first Lettering 101 workshop will be perfect for beginners who want to know how to do simple lettering and calligraphy. Entrance is absolutely free as well, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to go!

It’s going to be at Le Bunny Bleu’s Shangri-la store on June 28 (Saturday) 10:30am – 12:00pm. The workshop will be conducted by the great Abbey Sy! I might go (probably with Crissey if she’s free) so we’ll see you there, yes?

Participants simply need to wear their own Le Bunny Bleu shoes on the day of the workshop and reserve slots ahead of time at any Le Bunny Bleu store. Slots are limited so please inform them as soon as you can. Once you reserve a slot. they will brief you about what to bring. What’s more fun is that they will also be giving away special gifts to the participants!

Le Bunny Bleu Philippines can be found at 5th Floor Shangri-la Plaza 654-2599 and 2nd Floor Glorietta 5 955-7225. You can also RSVP via

In the meantime, you can follow Le Bunny Bleu on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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Cheery Pink and Yellow

Posted on Sunday, 1 June 2014

(Romwe top and shorts, MURUA bag and boots) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Greetings from sunny Orlando, Florida! Been passing out on my bed every night since I got here, and it’s all because of Disney World. It’s my first time to experience something other than the usual Disneyland (I’ve been to the ones in Hong Kong, Japan and LA), and boy, is this place extra huge or what? Now I can totally understand why some people stay here for weeks!  

Anyhow, here’s another one of my cutesy spins to the ever-so-popular sporty trend. You can’t get any more cheery than pink and yellow! 

(Blackfive top, Romwe jumper, EMODA necklace and bag) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Funky Mother’s Day look because I suddenly felt inspired to do something different with my hair and outfit! I’m officially back from my styling rut! Time to celebrate!

Ever since I was able to achieve this hairstyle, I’ve been totally obsessed. It looks like this when I have my extensions on, so I’m even more motivated to grow my hair out. Time needs to go faster so I can have my long hair back and achieve my Frozen braid dreams. 

Our dog Angel says hi in the second photo, lol. We recently adopted (her previous owner can’t take care of her anymore) a 4-year-old lab, if you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing two labs instead of one in my Twitter and Instagram photos. She’s been such an angel (Sorry, I had to!), and I’m so happy for Bailey because she now has a playmate and an older sister! All has been going very well in the Gosingtian family household.

These photos were taken with my new Sony a5000! Bought it abroad so it’s not sponsored (I’ve never been sponsored a camera, actually! I’m super choosy with my camera gear as a photographer myself!), but it’s a really good interchangeable lens camera that has WiFi. Took me so long to choose among all the WiFi cameras in the market (I was thisclose to getting a Casio TR35 or TR15 but now that I think about it, it’s overpriced at $1000+ and it can only take selfies). Did my research well and I’m not disappointed with my new purchase at all. Hi Sony. I’m impressed! This commercial made me do it.