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Le Bunny Bleu F/W 2014 

Posted on Thursday, 9 October 2014


As soon as I heard that the new Le Bunny Bleu F/W 2014 collection was out, I immediately headed to the nearest store to take photos. A few weeks before the new stocks arrived, I was already checking the Le Bunny Bleu international website for some teasers! Talk about being obsessed with this brand! The current collection does not disappoint, and I’m excited for the next few weeks as well - they usually add more colors and styles as the time passes. 


Kawaii never stops! Who says you have to ditch your favorite florals this season? These Rosey slip-ons would totally look awesome with skirts!


Emily oxfords. I think I’ll get these the next time I visit.



These cute bunny shoes have hidden heels for the vertically-challenged!


These Zoe flats have hidden heels too! 



Look familiar? Wore these Princess low heels here.


Le Bunny Bleu boots are back! These Hannah boots are the perfect travel companions.


Go school girl-chic with these Elizabeth loafers.


The current collection has more loafers than ballet flats, and I’m loving it!


Slippies slip-ons in orange to match the autumn leaves.


Balloon Pop espadrilles! So cute how the bunnies are all neon!


Polly oxfords! I dub thee Le Bunny Bleu’s *it* style for their F/W collection. Super chic and unique-looking! These are sure to be head-turners.


Trendy slip-ons to go with your normcore outfits. 


My top picks. For a preview of Le Bunny Bleu’s newer styles, check out Crissey's blog! Can’t wait to visit again soon. Goodbye savings!

Le Bunny Bleu Philippines can be found at 5th Floor Shangri-la Plaza (654-2599), and 2nd Floor Glorietta 5 (955-7225).

Good news! They recently opened their official webstore! They accept major credit cards, and have free shipping at a minimum of P2,000.

You can follow Le Bunny Bleu on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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Kenneth Cole Power Plant Mall Re-Opening Event

Posted on Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last August 15, Kenneth Cole New York celebrated their newly remodeled store in Power Plant Mall. Guests and customers enjoyed free Starbucks and TWG cocktail food and macarons, on top of the generous 15% off discount on all regular items. 


Before a long line formed for free coffee. Anything for Starbucks!


With fellow Ponds and Tresemme ambassador Kelly Misa! She lined up early so she was able to leisurely enjoy her coffee while shopping. 

Coffee and shopping? Best combination ever. I love whoever came up with this idea! I can do without cocktails and champagne, as long as I have my hearty cup of coffee to fuel my materialistic urges.


With Patricia and Ira. Bloggers camwhoring in front of a mirror? So groundbreaking, lol


Kenneth Cole’s Look Good, For Good is not just your ordinary hipster-looking photogenic sign on the store’s window display.

The Kenneth Cole foundation supports a number of organizations that provide education, shelter, aid, and other nurturing efforts to build talent (among other things) with Collective Health, Civil Liberties, and Artistic Activism as their main pillars. They have 30 years of philanthropy history behind them, and this is only one of the many reasons why it will always feel good to look good wearing Kenneth Cole New York.



Another reason, of course, is the high-quality but affordable products that they always offer. All the classic silhouettes and styles that can never, ever go out of style = I covet.


Kenneth Cole has great men’s shoes! Wish these were available in women’s sizes too!


The current selection highlights these strappy sandals for all the normcore/anti-fashion girls out there. Who needs heels when you’ve got fashionable flats?


Would’ve gotten the black pointy pumps if only my feet weren’t too small for the smallest size, huhu. #smallfeetproblems

This style incorporates the 925 (a play on “nine to five”) technology that Kenneth Cole is known for. Every woman can wear these 925 shoes to work, at work, and after work. No need for an extra pair of walking shoes!


Our shopping spoils! You can never have enough black and pointy shoes!


Thought of getting this bag too! The color is beautiful, and I’m such a sucker for boxy-looking bags that look like they have enough room to stuff your whole life inside.


Thank you Kenneth Cole New York for inviting me to your re-opening event! They improved their store’s appearance, and now it’s everybody’s wardrobe’s turn!

In the Philippines, Kenneth Cole New York is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at The Power Plant Mall, BHS Central, Rustan’s Makati, and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Le Bunny Bleu: Nifty Neon + Lettering 101 Workshop

Posted on Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(Le Bunny Bleu shoes, Bershka top, Romwe skirt, Bagfull bag, Time Depot vintage Casio watch, zeroUV sunglasses) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Summer sandals need not be boring or height-compromising! While I was thisclose to getting yet another pair of oxfords during my recent visit to Le Bunny Bleu, this bright green pair called out to me way too much that I had to get it ASAP. I have a shortage of green-colored footwear, let alone bright neon open-toe sandals that have a bit of heel on them, so this was just what my shoe collection needed. Wouldn’t hurt to go out of my comfort zone once in a while!

Speaking of comfort zones, I’m sure all of you can relate to me when I say that my life has become so digital - it’s starting to get disconcerting! Instead of manually taking down notes, it’s faster and easier to just take pictures. When I was younger (way before I got into photography), I was one of those kids in school who was always tasked with decorating the blackboard, etc. It seems like I unlearned everything as I grew older and shifted interests! Didn’t think it was even possible. However, I still have a small glimmer of hope that I can revive that non-computer-dependent side of myself that has been on hiatus these past few years.

Good thing Le Bunny Bleu is holding a basic lettering workshop this Saturday! 

This is only the first of Le Bunny Bleu’s series of our Crafts Workshops. Super exciting, right? Since Le Bunny Bleu is a romantic vintage brand with old Euro world charm combined with New York modernism, they will be holding workshops (for free!) for their dear customers to celebrate this aesthetic. Their first Lettering 101 workshop will be perfect for beginners who want to know how to do simple lettering and calligraphy. Entrance is absolutely free as well, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to go!

It’s going to be at Le Bunny Bleu’s Shangri-la store on June 28 (Saturday) 10:30am – 12:00pm. The workshop will be conducted by the great Abbey Sy! I might go (probably with Crissey if she’s free) so we’ll see you there, yes?

Participants simply need to wear their own Le Bunny Bleu shoes on the day of the workshop and reserve slots ahead of time at any Le Bunny Bleu store. Slots are limited so please inform them as soon as you can. Once you reserve a slot. they will brief you about what to bring. What’s more fun is that they will also be giving away special gifts to the participants!

Le Bunny Bleu Philippines can be found at 5th Floor Shangri-la Plaza 654-2599 and 2nd Floor Glorietta 5 955-7225. You can also RSVP via

In the meantime, you can follow Le Bunny Bleu on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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Posted on Wednesday, 4 June 2014

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you’ve flown to Japan a number of times before and have never heard of or seen Esperanza. It’s a really popular shoe brand that proudly boasts of shoes that are made in Japan. All the shoes from Esperanza are, as expected, so high-quality that you don’t have to break them in! Japanese girls can walk the whole day in sky high heels and never get a blister because of these shoes! 

Of course, a trip to Tokyo will never be complete without a quick visit to their store in Shinjuku. It’s on the 4th floor of LUMINE EST, but they also have other stores in Shibuya. And Hong Kong! 

Ankle straps are probably the #1 shoe trend this spring/summer in Japan, and I love how Esperanza went all out with their embellishments this time!

3-tone ankle-straps!

Platforms for that extra height boost. Saw so many girls in Tokyo wearing the white and black ones! 

The gingham game is strong in Tokyo, and even their shoes are following suit.

Blinged out ankle straps for your precious princess feet.

Sexy black heels! I was thisclose to getting these, but I have way too many black shoes already!

Perfect shoes to go with your favorite denim bottoms.

I can already imagine these shoes with floral skirts!

Low heels for the faint-hearted. Note that the ever-so-popular ankle-straps are still there!

Closed toe ankle straps in pastels and cute prints!

Tiffany blue loafers! The giant white ribbons are too kawaii for my life!

Everyday shoes!

Dainty little heels and ribbons - can’t say no to that!

You can’t skip tropical prints this summer! Love the pointy toes on this pair!

Pink gingham! <3

The embellishment on the left is actually just a clip-on thing that you can also buy in the store!

Clip-ons to accessorize your favorite pair of shoes? Yes please! These are great ways to make your shoes look different every time!

Esperanza’s heel details are also wonderfully made. 

Esperanza exclusives. Think low heeled sandals are boring? Think again!

Special thanks to Esperanza PR, Rie-san! Hope to meet you soon! <3

I’ve been using Esperanza shoes for 4 years now and I love them to bits! Will definitely blog about the pair that I bought from them soon!

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Posted on Friday, 30 May 2014

Someone found her way to the RANDA store in Shinjuku again! I swear, I always have to pass by this store every time I’m in Tokyo. They have the best shoes!

Maho-san from RANDA allowed me to take photos once more, as well as share their newest summer shoes, in case anyone is going to Japan in the next few months! She also prepared some gifts for me! Happy <3 I went straight from the airport!

With the nicest shop staff! 

Trying on RANDA’s present for me! I don’t have ankle-strap wedges yet and I’m glad my first pair is from RANDA!

I wore these shoes to dazzlin touchMe Collection 2 days after I arrived from Tokyo, and I didn’t have to break them in? They were so comfy already!

I also got the white and tan ankle straps on the right! Lovely details.

The Hello Kitty x RANDA collection is still in stores! 

Black heels and the signature Hello Kitty ribbon.

Black and white summer wedges with the cutest Hello Kitty design!

For all the Hello Kitty fanatics out there…

Subtle Hello Kitty for those who prefer more simple shoes.

Ankle straps are everywhere in Tokyo now that it’s transitioning from spring to summer.

Out with the winter boots. In with all kinds of summer sandals.

They also got these flats with embellishments for a change. Perfect for a beach weekend getaway.

These would look great with denim!

Choose your beach footwear.

I love these so much! I regret not buying the yellow and white pair!

Strappy heels in bright orange.

Pastel blue and yellow, and the cutest cross straps.

Color blocking.

More ankle straps and color blocking.

I have the black one and I wear it constantly! 

MODE style shoes. The white ones are especially popular this season!

Summer espadrilles.

These are perfect! Too bad the white one didn’t come in my size anymore. 

They still got some of their signature edgy designs, but in pastel colors for spring/summer.

Shoe paradise! Every girl’s dream!

RANDA by fashionvibe! World-famous blogger Zina Charkoplia collaborated with them for their S/S 2014 collection, and the result was this super chic ankle strap design that I wish came in my size! These sold out so fast, and I could totally understand why.

Fortunately for us who don’t live in Japan, RANDA opened its global webstore that can ship to over 120 countries. YES, the Philippines is included. You just need to have PayPal!

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Le Bunny Bleu S/S 2014 Collection

Posted on Thursday, 8 May 2014

The new Le Bunny Bleu collection is finally here! Everything is so cute and girly, it’d be very much impossible for you not to leave the store empty-handed. 

I visited the Shang East Wing store last week to take pictures and share them with all of you!

A few months ago, I got first dibs on these oxfords

This time, I left the store with another pink pair. Coincidentally, Crissey got the exact same pair too! #TrisseyConnection

Still thinking if I should go back to the store and get the mint version.

The Le Bunny Bleu bunny can’t get enough of Le Bunny Bleu flats too.

Oxfords that would look great with dresses.

Not into color or patterns? This designs comes in plain black and white!

My favorite Simplicia oxfords. 

Lots of slip-ons in the S/S collection.

Love the muted beige + neon green pair!

I tried these on and they were so comfy!

Tweed, anyone?

Plain flats that can easily match anything and everything!

Le Bunny Bleu ribbon designs are back! Such a princess-y look!

Black and red for those who aren’t big on pastels but still want a girly twist on their footwear.

Ribbons and glitters! 

Peep-toe flats to show off your perfect pedicure.

Signature Le Bunny Bleu design in newer, fresher colors.

Pair these cuties with your favorite denims!

Everyday flats for the stylish working girl.

Also available are new Le Bunny Bleu designs for your daughters and nieces!

Start them young with blinged-out shoes!

Classic pointy toe shoes with the trademark logo.

Need a boost of height or just starting to learn how to walk in heels? Le Bunny Bleu now offers heeled shoes that are ideal for everyday use. 

The heel height isn’t crazy at all! Wearing these shoes will never stress your feet and legs out. I particularly love this penny loafer style! I can already imagine these with all my floral skirts.

Hope you guys enjoyed that little tour around the Le Bunny Bleu flagship store! A lot of K-pop stars wear Le Bunny Bleu so you should definitely check the brand out if you’re a fan of K-everything! 

Visit them at 5th floor Bridgeway, East Wing Shangri-la Plaza (654-2599) and 2nd floor Glorietta 5 (955-7225).

They’re giving away special double points this weekend, May 9-11, 2014! Every purchase in Le Bunny Bleu will be equal to double stamps on the Le Bunny Bleu stamp card. Customers will have a faster time to get their Le Bunny Bleu Lovers discount card!

Customers who purchase any amount in the store will be given a stamp card that you can complete within a year. Once completed, you can get a discount card that can guarantee a lifetime discount of 10% for cash and 5% off for credit card purchases. Exclusive promotions and sneak peek of new collections will also be granted to holders of the card. 

You can follow Le Bunny Bleu on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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