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Flower Bunny

Posted on Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tricia Gosingtian Korean Fashion

Tricia Gosingtian Korean Fashion

Tricia Gosingtian Korean Fashion

(Sophiscat Gumzzi dress, Mango heels, Lowry’s Farm headband, Yesstyle wig) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Temporarily brought the long hair back for this outfit! I’ve been missing my hair a lot recently, and it’s comforting to know that there will always be a quick fix to my hair woes - wigs! This particular one I love for the pink-brown shade and pink highlights. Trimming about 3-4 inches off this wig just made me realize how there could only be one reason why I surprisingly didn’t do a shabby job! I mean, considering that this was my first time cutting hair, I think I did pretty well! I must’ve been a hairstylist or haircutter in my past life.

Found yet another perfect spring/summer dress - off shoulder, breezy silhouette, with tasteful blue + blush floral prints. I really think that there will never be enough off shoulder/cut-out shoulder details and loose dresses that can ever satisfy my fashion lust. The only thing I’m looking forward to now is a fall/winter-appropriate version of this dress to add more confusion to my already confused wardrobe. Maybe in a classy plaid or houndstooth print that I can already imagine would look great with a pair of black knee-high boots.

The Mane Attraction Wigs by Marj Sia

Posted on Wednesday, 8 December 2010



To everyone wondering where I get my wigs, my good friend (and one of my favorite make-up artists) Marj Sia sells them. They’re good quality synthetic wigs which are perfect for all sorts of occasions. I use them for photoshoots when I’m too lazy to style my real hair or when I want to change my look without spending so much.

Limited stocks only. Free shipping for orders worth P2000 and up. You can get them here. Have fun wig-shopping! My favorite would be the “Tracy” wig (top photo) since it’s so J-pop. So glad I got to keep it!

Self-portraits. Dream Hair.

Last week, Poisonberry sent me some quirky clothes to wear. Thanks Rachel!

Channeling Crissey with the dark medium-length hair and glasses. IMY

(self-portraits; Greenhills dress, Bijoux de Lou fleur de lis ring - tribute to my high school!)

Yesterday, I wore about 6 different wigs for a photoshoot.

I think everyone should own at least one in their lifetime, for so many reasons. It saves so much hairstyling time, for one - 2 minutes versus something that would normally take 45 minutes. It doesn’t do any damage to your real hair either, so it’s perfect for people like me who suffer from excessive hair vanity and refuse to bleach or perm their hair.

Plus you don’t have to worry about (awkwardly) growing your hair out.

1) Obligatory straw hat photo + Marj doing make-up 2) Crissey with long hair 3) If Crissey were a cute little boy, she’d look like this 4) Dead fish eyes Tricia